The Sacred Virtues of the Paladin

Honor and Honesty are and always have been tied together with bonds that cannot be broken. Indeed Honesty and Honor are twin brothers, born from the same womb and a man who would have Honor must have Honesty. A Paladin’s word is his bond. This is as it should be. All should guard against swearing lightly, as what is sworn must be done and cannot be undone. Honor is the chief virtue.

Courage is one of the most important knightly virtues. Understand that courage is in no way limited to fighting. Courage is keeping your head in any emergency. Courage is the caregiver helping a person with a contagious disease. Courage is facing scorn and ridicule for what you believe is right.

Paladin’s owe fealty to the Crown, or their liege. Loyalty can also mean defending or helping someone to whom you are not sworn, but to whom you owe your help. A Knight should always work for the good of the Kingdom and in the name of Paladine.

Certainly a Knight should “holde open table” and show largess toward heralds, minstrels, workers and priests. The more difficult and more vital part of the virtue of generosity however, is not in being generous with chattel or with praise, but being generous in spirit and in giving the benefit of the doubt to your opponent. If you must speak on the issue, ask gently and keep an open mind.

Faith is a cornerstone of the Paladin. The Faith a Knight must have is the belief in the validity and importance of these virtues. A Paladin should believe in the inherent nobility of all people. Also a Paladin must keep faith with Paladine and the gods of light.

Courtesy is the lubricant, the oil that keeps a civilized society running smoothly. It is expected the Paladin to display courtesy. There are two great threats to courtesy. Those are thoughtlessness and reaction to discourtesy, real or perceived. Guard well against speech without thought, for it is far too easy to give offense with a tossed off word. The true test of courtesy comes in attempting courtesy in the face of discourtesy. Another’s’ poor behaviour is no reason to respond in kind. To do so would only reduce the knights’ virtue

A Paladin must seek Justice, regardless how hard it hides. The wrong must be rightened. The law must be followed, tempered with Compassion and Generosity. It is a Paladin duty to dispense Justice.

Guard against excessive Pride, and Vainglory pursuits. It lurks behind virtues and glory. Keep Paladine foremost in your mind, trust in your faith. Always hold your pride in check with humility, to always seek honor over glory, and to always do honor unto your Inspiration.
“For honour is more worth than gold or sylver withoute any comparyson.”

The Sacred Virtues of the Paladin

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