Timothy - White Robed Mage

Timothy is a white robed mage of some power. He is aligned with Whupus, and is not afraid to act.


Timothy had consulted with Whupus and was trying to find out the truths about the army being close to Hargoth and the ruined city.

Raised from the Dead by Caleb at the Summit

After Alexi completed his test, Timothy asked if he would like to be Timothys apprentice. Alexi agreed.

Timothy seems to have a mission that he pursues with purpose.

Timothy companion is Tallinn (a mind mage) whom Timothy has shown he will do almost anything for.


From the Journal of Timothy
It seems I made the right decision with taking Alexi as my apprentice. I know I had my reservations at the time, especially considering his family ties, but I do put a lot of credence in what Whoopus says. Well the old man was right again. The young man is certainly becoming a power. I know that Tal councils caution, but we don’t have much time left. I did remind her that at no small risk to his brother and himself Alexi gave us the means to escape the battle before the outcome was known and to me that counts for much. I think we will have to bring him in sooner than I thought.

From the Journal of Timothy
I have shamed my order today. My only thoughts were to remove my love from danger, and in doing this could have cause disastrous consequences for Alexi. But again he proved the stronger. Whupus is right, Alexi may be the one we were waiting for……

Timothy - White Robed Mage

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