(Back from the Dead!) Master Udoorin

Evil...Pure Evil...


Master Udoorin was one of the Dark Queens most important servants. He was able to combine both arcane and divine magic into some unholy power.

Much of the evil corruption the dark queen was using to boost her power was forged from Udoorin.

His death was a major blow to the forces of the Dark Queen….. But Udoorin was brilliant. He knew he might not survive and made sure there were other to carry on his work in his Dark Lady’s name.

It is a good thing he is dead, because to face Udoorin with even more evil power would be supremely difficult to overcome.

Even Udoorin can’t cheat death right, even he is not THAT powerful… right???

Well, well, well Udoorin is back, and more powerful than you can possibly imagine


In his younger days Udoorin was a wizard of great power. It is said he had LaDonna as an apprentice.

(Back from the Dead!) Master Udoorin

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