Captain Karnak

Now - Follower of Quinn... Previous - Special Forces Officer of the Black Dragon Army who attacked the Monastery


Ivan Karnak had been a young officer in the army of Nordmaar, and when the Dragon armies overran the city he was persuaded to join the army.

Karnak proved himself to be a competent officer and was given command over a small but vital special forces unit that was to attack the Monastery of the Purple Lotus.

Karnak started to see that no matter how it was argued, what the army was doing was evil. He wanted out but was locked in and didn’t know how to break away, other than taking his own life.. which he contemplated.

Meeting Quinn on the walls of Hargoth and listening to his strong clear voice, gave Ivan the chance to defect.

Which he did……

Karnak has been reborn as a follower of Quinn and a follower of Paladine. The transformation is considerable, Karnak is now more direct, more sure of himself. He now has a purpose, and woe the man of beast that tries to get in the way of that purpose!


From the Journal of Karnak
You would think for a man who has just betrayed his commission, turned traitor and probably condemned his soul, my heart would be heavily burdened. But for the first time in a long time I feel free like a bird. I really don’t know how I let it get this far. And if it wasn’t for this young knight I doubt I would have managed to break free.
Standing on the battlements waiting for my former army to throw themselves against these walls, standing next to this brave knight, his steadfast brother and other brave men resisting the oppression I can feel nothing but satisfaction. And that is strange considering what is about to happen next I’m surprised we are all so calm.
But then again, I gather I am the only one here that has witnessed firsthand what is about to happen…
A dragon sacking a city……

Captain Karnak

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