Bond of Brothers

The Mages Decide

16th Session

From the Diary of Alexi and Quinn..


After completing my test we spend some time in the tower and I am able to unload some of our exotic treasures that we have accumulated. After asking around I seek out a red robe named Gadvin, renowned for summoning expertise. After my harrowing test experience I cannot deny the warning I was given (GM: about Alexi’s familiar the Imp leading the dragonarmy in the test) so I tell my Imp that I would be breaking our familiar/master bond, but as an act of kindness would allow him to choose a new master. He had decided on Gadvin. Giving Gadvin the imp as well as the evil book of summoning, and the cloth of summoning, Gadvin was most appreciative and was even more greatly impressed that I gave these items freely without asking for a favour (He was impressed by this). (GM: Gadvin is an expert summoning mage)

Taking advantage of his generous mood I asked Gadvin about the dark warriors that we have now encountered twice. Gadvin (after referencing a book) explained that these ‘Dark Blades’ are Demonic creatures who are bred to kill mages. They have high magic resist but are susceptible to mundane attacks (As well as Dragonlances). They have a hierarchy clan system, similar to a bee hive with their queen having absolute rule. These assassin sects are sold as mercenaries to other demons and within this system there are warriors, captains etc. Gadvin implied that he would assume that this ‘unit’ would contain at least one captain and probably 4-5 warriors and additional underlining. They also have ways of communicating with each other and are very vindictive when one of their brethren is killed. This doesn’t bode well for our group. (GM: you mean you!!!) Gadvin made reference to the poison that the warriors carry on their blade. He said that if I returned tomorrow he would have two doses of an antidote (made from a rare herb called peacebloom). I will return tomorrow to get the antidote.

Now that I am a mage of high sorcery the position of Solinari (The White Moon) now affects my spells with the ability to either increase or decrease my powers depending on the waxing and waning of the moon. Currently the Moon is in the 7th window (Waxing First Quarter). Soon my powers will be increased when it reaches sanction. During my stay Timothy as my master teaches me some additional spells and abilities while I’m in the tower. Firstly I learn a ritual that will allow me to teleport to the tower (Very handy!), I also learn the first secret of the white robes – The magic of defense. This ability allows me to use ‘Once per day as a free action, your robes flair with a white glow.+1 to all Defense.

Timothy tells me that as I progress in my powers I will be able to learn more secrets of the white robes at a later date. (Magic of Radiance is next). After this Timothy and I have a discussion about our master/apprentice relationship. He doesn’t want a servant, he’s a travelling mage and he expects the same. He will give me certain tasks that will be required but when I am free I can do things for myself. He wants me to always do as my conscience dictates. Follow orders but can do my own thing. (GM: his belief is that the best learning comes from actual experience, it was the same as he was taught)

After discussing what we could do next Quinn asks if it is possible for us to get an update on Hargoth or Vingaard Keep. After asking Timothy if there is anyone able of scrying these locations. Timothy directs me to follow him and leads me to a room and introduces me to a very old white robe mage named Master Elben Tamikos (An Ergothen), he seems ‘dotty’ but says that he will prepare himself and inform us when he’s ready.

During the mean time I go about searching for a new familiar. I go out into the forest of Wayreth and search for a sprite colony I heard is out there. After stepping on a mushroom and sinking into a cavern I discover the colony. After the queen comes out and gives me a thorough examination she signals to one of her sprites who comes forward. Her name is Tinkerbelle and the queen wishes me well in my endeavours. Tinkerbelle is shy at first but after some prodding I discover that she is fond of nature, doesn’t like the dark and has great herbalism & alchemy knowledge (which will come in very handy).

As I head back into the tower I encounter Whoopus! He seems a bit annoyed to be here but greets me well. He tells me that Timothy has had to leave on an urgent mission and he will be the one to teleport our group wherever we decide to go. He hands me a device he tells me that will teleport those touching it to his tower. He then heads off. I notice that some apprentices (lowly) nearby look shocked to see Whoopus and even more so for talking to me. :D


It has been almost a week since we completed the Test for Alexi, and the mages of this ‘high tower of sorcery’ treat Lon, Caleb and I as if we do not exist, or are not worthy to be spoken to! Mundanes they call us I train hard as it helps me keep my mind of the events that lie ahead, but I think Lon is sick of my restlessness and the force I sometimes put behind my sword blows. He will be glad once we are moving again! Alexi comes pass when he can, and I can see that he has gotten rid of the damn Imp; Praise be to Paladine for small miracles! He is busy with his studies and I can see that he has changed. He has more resolve and I cannot blame him for following the path he chose and loves. Hopefully the mages can provide me with information on what is happening at Haergoth and Vingaard Keep quickly as I am anxious to be away. Even the baby Gold Dragon is bored but is at least well feed and also likes Alexi’s new familiar, a Sprite named Tinkerbelle. (GM: The Gold Dragon is getting bigger!!)


After a while I receive a summons to go and see Master Elben Tamikos. Arriving in his chamber I notice that he has a large diamond he explains that it will be what he uses to scry with. Firstly he scrys for Hargoth and after getting me to touch his temples I am able to see what he sees. Hargoth is under attack. There are no dragons (thank goodness) and it looks like they are building large siege machines (After discussing with Quinn they are about 1/3 way complete). It looks like one gate has been badly damage but still intact so perhaps their quick attack was thwarted. I notice command tents on a hill near the war machines.

We then try to scry Vingaard Keep it seems we are being blocked. Master Elben explains that because he has never been there it makes it harder to scry. He says that if I am the one to initiate the focus he will be able to use me as a conduit to scry Vingaard. As we attempt to do so we encounter a major block that seems to be occurring. There seems to be a group of mages (three) who are in a ritual protecting the area from scrying. We manage to break-thru and even prevent them from tracking us for a time. What we see is most horrible! Vingaard is under attack by a massive Blue dragon army. There are dragons, draconians and even soldiers. It looks like the knights charged out of the keep and tried to attack the army head on… they were all slaughtered.

The keep is badly damage, it looks almost impossible for the knights to be able to hold the keep. As we attempt to get any information on the three mages that are performing this ritual we are eventually discovered!! We manage to break the connection before they could back-trace to us (and lucky for that because Master Elben told me they could have done something very nasty if they had managed to back-trace us). As I try to gather my thoughts about what I have seen I notice that Master Elben seems to have ‘waken-up’. He gets out of his chair and after puttering around to find his staff orders me to follow him. He leads me to another door within the tower and he seems to be quite lucid, after knocking the door opens and a red robe wizard with a special sash peers out and seems quite startled to see Master Elben. Master Elben tells him to summon the Council of Wizards and after the red robe gives a startled look, orders him more forceful before the red robe acquiesces and closes the door. Master Elben then turns to me and says ‘you will receive a summons when the council is ready’. Bring your friends with you. He then turns and walks off (probably back to his chamber).

After taking a minute to process the situation I head back to Quinn and the others and convey what I learned from the scrying. Quinn is particularly interested in the intelligence regarding Vingaard Keep and after examining again the information we have discovered about the dragon army movements believes he understands the strategy and the next plans they will be doing. I don’t understand a lot of it but he shows me important objectives (Hargoth, Vingaard, High Cleric’s tower and Palanthas).


Finally the mages might act, though I feel I is more out of self-preservation than honour to the Gods. I give a heartfelt speech about the Knighthood – true we have fallen but we will rebuild and grow with Paladine’s blessing. Groans from many of the unbelievers in the room – their lose if you ask me! I finally also understand the Dragon Armies true goal. They take the western harbours, then the north and south islands of Ergoth and then they march on to White Stone and that would mean that the Dark Queen has won. That will never happen!


After a while we are summoned to the meeting. There are 6 White robes, 7 Red Robes and 1 Black Robe (LaDonna). Master Elben Tamikos is there and he explains what he has seen. It turns out that he discovered more about the situation with Vingaard then I realized. The three mages performing the ritual were in fact Black Robes! (Dun Dun Dun). LaDonna immediately responds and for a second it looks like Master Elben was looking for a piece (Before he had used that staff as a walking stick, but he moved it to his other hand when the show-down was about to happen!!!). Par-Salian dissolves the argument and after asking several questions, the council leave to deliberate about the situation of the Mages dissolving their non-interference policy of the war.

After they return Par-Salian tells us that the council has agreed that mages will be allowed to participate in the war (Binding resolution, can’t be changed…. It means that every red/white robe present voted to remove the policy and that the vote can’t be changed – this is fantastic). Par-Salian tells us that some of mages that specialize in herbalism/healing will be sent to Vingaard and that four mages (from any order) will be sent to assess the situation of the dragon army. I am unable to get a read on the reaction of LaDonna to this situation. Before the council disperse I hand over the Telepathic Bracelet and explain what it does and how we encountered it. I will be notified of any information they discover from it.

After the meeting I once again thank Master Elben for his assistance (This had turned out WAY BETTER THAN I EVER THOUGHT). He heads off. Before we leave the tower I once again examine our magical items and go to a red robe who specializes in unique magic items so we can get rid of some of the items we don’t want. I give the Red Robe the Takhisis dagger and amulet, warning him of their ‘presence and homing beacons’, he doesn’t seem concerned …. He also identifies an amulet that we discovered at the summit. It’s a Vistani Eye Amulet – Level 2. I give that to Quinn.

After discussing the situation we decide to go to Hargoth because we feel that is our best chance of being able to thwart the dragon army. Caleb wanted to go and help those injured in Vingaard but we manage to convince him that is more important that he comes help us at Hargoth. I understand the importance of Hargoth but I am also worried that no matter what we do, that we will require something more to defeat the dragon army. I feel like we need to find the good dragons and considering we have ‘Nessie’ who is growing incredibly fast we might be able to track them down.

After meeting with Whoopus, I ask him if he would be willing to go get those four dragon eggs that we had hid in the temple at the ruined city. Whoopus implies that it is already being taken care off. We deduce that Timothy is onto that task as he was the only other we had discussed the location of the eggs with. When asking Whoopus about what he thinks of our plan he is understandable cryptic and doesn’t offer us any advice except for the fact of telling us where might be a good place to search for the good dragons; within a mountain range in Northern Ergoth.

After discussing the situation Lon wants to investigate the army surrounding the city and even though I object, Quinn and Caleb agree and so Whoopus teleports Lon near the army. If we don’t hear from him he will return to the tower within four days. Quinn, Caleb and I ask Whoopus to teleport us to our ‘house’ within the city and we will assess the situation from there.
We arrive in our backyard and it seems like something is wrong. It is early morning and there doesn’t seem to be action or anything regarding the war. As we are looking around all of us notice that a spell has been cast on us or around us. As we look around we discover that it has come from deeper in the back yard garden.


It was good to achieve a small victory at the tower of high sorcery. The mages are moving and the forces at Vingaard Keep might get a bit of respite allowing the Knights and remaining fighters at the Keep to escape to the High Clerist Tower. If not they are doomed. I am relieved the Dragon eggs we hid have been moved – one less thing to worry about and that the city of Hargoth still holds. Convincing Caleb to NOT go to Vingaard Keep was a challenge but we know he finally made the right decision in coming with us to Hargoth. The only good thing about the ‘downtime’ has been a chance to use the code of my fathers to try and find the hidden message in his journal. It will take time but I will eventually find out the truth.


After investigating Quinn discovers a changeling who attacks him. We manage to kill the changeling before it is able to get away. We aren’t sure but we feel like this thing was working for the Dark Warrior Group and hopefully he didn’t get a chance to communicate any information before we dispatched it.


The Changeling… what can I say? I could just see its true form. Was it because of my so called ‘elven’ heritage or because I am more in tune with my God now? I certainly am no longer the wide eyed boy that left home many years ago. Lon still refuses to talk on the matter but one day I am sure he will open up about what he really knows. At least we may have bought some more time away from the prying eyes of our enemies with the changeling’s death. If there is another Dark Warrior or Captain around it will taste the blade of a Goldenscale or a Dragonlance soon enough!


We investigate the house a bit more and discover to our horror that it has been ransacked and after investigating a smell we discover the horrible condition of the house staff. . It looks like they have been dead for at least a week. There are four dead bodies, all with scars of torture. It looks like whomever did this camped out in the stables and interrogated these servants for a time before killing them. (Disgusting). Caleb is clearly distressed and goes and buries and sends their spirits onto Mishakall. (No Necromancy involved – thank goodness). As we investigate the house it looks like the ‘thieves’ were looking for something in particular, there are still items of value about. The only thing we really notice is that within the library a standard bearing the Goldenscale crest has been taken. We weren’t sure if it was real but am disturbed by the thought. I have the horrible feeling that it could be used to implicate our family in some horrible act.


And now the time has come to see what damage has been done to the city and the name of Goldenscale in the ranks of Knights that are present in Hargoth. May the Lord of the city be back in control now, for I really do not want to kill my own brethren, but a traitor I am not!

From the diary of Lon:

I can’t believe how Quinn is, with all the disrespect from the mages!! He is a better man than me…. I chafe to be moving again, I can feel us starting to make a difference, I am so proud of the boys and what they have achieved even in the short time I have travelled with them. Quinn’s sparring is just an example.. I no longer have to hold back to get a decent workout.

And praise be Habbakuk!! Alexi finally got rid of that repugnant little troll. (GM: he means the imp) That thing had a reckoning with my sword if this had gone on to much longer.

I am touched Alexi is worried about my safety in scouting out the dragonarmies camp. The lad has a good heart. But what pleases me greater is Quinn’s understanding that it must be done. He is becoming quite a leader…

From the diary of Caleb:

I never understood why Alexi kept an evil imp as a familiar. It always worried me, as he seemed quite a good natured man. But it seems sense has prevailed, and his new familiar is a much better choice.

I hope I have done the right thing. I know it in my soul that there would be a great need for a healer at Vingaard Keep. I understand what Quinn and the others are saying and I agree it is important I travel to them to Hargoth, but what if I’m wrong? What if Mishakal wanted me to go to Vingaard? I just hate this doubt. But Quinn seems resolved in his decision, and it is plain to see he is devoted to Paladine. I will trust in his judgement.

And now that I think about it, the forces that attacked the monastery are probably outside Hargoth now. If the gods are kind I will extract my revenge, and they will feel my holy might!!!!

From the diary of Whoopus

The mages are dicks….. Nuff said….



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