Bond of Brothers

Are we there yet?!?
36th Session

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Knights and Staves, Cups and Hearts
35th Session

OR It’s all about Quinn (not dotti’s sister!)


From the Journal of Alexi and Quinn Goldenscale

The rest of us arrive at the temple entrance only to discover that Quinn had vanquished a death knight. The death knight’s released spirit had taken the opportunity to talk to Quinn and explain that he had been here for many years and that no one had come since before the Cataclysm.

Quinn explains after the death knight’s spirit was an ancestor of the Pathguard family. When Quinn mentions the name I remember a history book I read on prominent knight family in Solamnia. They were knights that didn’t have a keep but resided in Palanthas. After Cataclysm they either fled Palanthas or were killed. (The records didn’t say).

Before the Death Knight and I fought, I knew there was something not right about the whole situation. When I touched the Dragonlance to the first of the ‘artefacts’ on the altar the truth was revealed and the illusionary veil was lifted. The hooded ‘priest’ became the fallen knight and we fought. With my faith true to my God I vanished my foe and redeemed the spirit of a once Knight of Solamnia, of the Pathguard Family. Alexi says that the family came from Palanthas but that they are no longer there. If would be good to delve into the history of this family, for I am sure there are records buried somewhere in that city that might tell us what happened to them.

We gather around the altar and consider our next move. I was hoping for something that we could take with us to show the knights that we had found this lost temple but the room seems bare. Quinn attempts to bless the altar in the name of Paladine but he is still injured from the fight with the death knight. Karnak steps forward and kneels. He blesses the altar in the name of Paladine and somehow his blessing works and the room is filled with light and an avatar of Paladine stands at the altar (who knew he could do that!)

The avatar of Paladine gestures to Quinn, Karnak & Nessie and they are each bathed in light and we can all feel that Paladine is pleased with their/our progress. He then gestures to the floor behind him and one of the large stones lights up. It’s a secret trap door. While the others are all discussing the trap door I notice the Avatar first look at Quinn and his expression is one of sadness (?!?!). He then looks in my direction, nods and then disappears.

Quinn and Karnak attempt to lift up the stone but for some reason it will not move. I take a moment to examine it magically and interestingly it requires radiant power to unlock. I tell the others to step back and I channel my power to the stone and it lifts up.

We proceed down the passage (I have lit up Quinn’s shield and it is glowing more than usual (naughty staff!). It finally opens up into an extremely large cavern that extends much further than our light source. Taking a moment to look around Quinn notices some large painting on the side wall.

We each examine them and discover some very interesting murals.
One is a mural of a Solamnic Knight with a Red Robe mage standing in front of a silver dragon!

The others look shocked until I explain that this two gentleman in the painting are Huma and Magus. Huma was a Solamnic knight who teamed with his boyhood friend Magus a powerful red robed war-mage. According to legend Huma followed a magnificent white stag sent to him from Paladine and he was lead to a temple where inside lived a silver dragon. Appearing to Huma as a beautiful woman she showed me how to construct the extremely powerful Dragonlance. Huma (with the help of Magius and the Silver Dragon) would use that Dragonlance to defeat Takhisis and force her to retreat from the world back to her home in the Abyss.

The second Mural is of a Solamnic Knight but unfortunately I do not recognise him straight away. Quinn eventually works out that it is Vinas Solamnus – the founder of the Solamnic Knights. Solamnus was a general in the Ergothian King’s army when Ergoth’s empire stretched from the west coast all the way east to Neraka. Citizens in what is now called Solamnia revolted against the Ergothian emperor for his tyrannic ways and when Vinas was sent to wipe them out he instead understood their plight. He joined and led the citizens on a revolt that eventually caused the Ergothian Empire to surrender and agree to let those citizens choose their own destiny. They appointed Vinas Solamnus their king and renamed the land Solamnia. Several years on Vinas was worried that after he was gone the next ruler would attempt to do what the Ergothian Emperor did. He set out on a quest and he eventually found the avatars of Paladine, Habbakuk and Kiri-Jolith. The gods showed Vinas that he could establish a knighthood that would defend Solamnia.
We find a large picture that has the knight symbol on it (See Temple of Paladine Wiki Entry).
What is also surprising is there are two texts that make reference to something called a Paladin of Paladine.

The first details the sacred virtues of the Paladin – It details the seven attributes that a Paladine of Paladine must have. (Honour, Courage, Loyalty, Generosity, Faith, Courtesy and Justice) The other ancient writing is the Creed of the Paladin. It contains a single phrase:
‘Let Evil Swiftly Befall, Those who have wrongly, condemned us; Paladine will avenge our death’.

While the others discuss the writings I decide to see how far the cavern goes and throw my radiant light out. The cavern is huge and at the end of it is a sleeping ANCIENT GOLD DRAGON!!!!

My light spell unfortunately woke it up and it turns to look at us!

Before us in the Place of Power to Paladine was an Ancient GOLD Dragon!!! We are all stunned for even though everything else we had seen in the cavern was even more miraculous than before, the dragon took out breaths away. After a few seconds I stepped forward and bellowed ‘Praise be to Paladine!’ In response the Dragon said, ’Yes Warrior, Praise be to Paladine’.

I introduce myself as a Squire and Knight in training and the Dragon then introduces himself as Shimlar. I proceed to introduce everyone in the group and finally Nessie comes forward (timidly for she has not met one of her own kind before). The language of Dragons is used but Nessie is not sure of all its meaning, but Shimlar says she will learn it in time. Behind Shimlar we can see a massive raised area (flat) and statues to the Good Gods!

Luckily this dragon seems to be not too upset that I woke him up and after a while it seems he may have been waiting for us. His name is Shimlar (What mortals call him), and he is here to protect the temple and also provide one of the tests that a person must complete to become a ‘Paladin of Paladine’. The dragon looks at Quinn and asks him if he’s prepared to be tested!

To be a Paladin of Paladine… here is my destiny. We came here to find something that would help us reunite the Knighthood against the forces of Takhises and instead we find a dragon and the existence of a secret order within the Knighthood. Shimlar explains that many knights have come here to be tested – most fail, but they still go on to serve Paladine and the Knighthood. Shimlar then tells us a story; he talks about the ‘Wisdom Tablets’ and one of my ancestors, Anakin Goldenscale who once held the Knowledge of the Gods (not truly sure what he meant by this).

Shimlar also explains that there are other Knights walking the path for a higher calling. He also says that 9 have entered this place before and 8 have chosen to face the testing. Only ONE gained his goal for you will be tested like you have never been tested before!!
“Where are the good dragons?’ – THAT IS FORBIDDEN! Honestly that is not much of an answer… and he uses it a lot if we ask a question he does not want to answer.
Eventually he asks me, ‘Do you wish to proceed with the testing?’

‘YES’ is my answer. I take the Dragonlance and step into the circle as indicated on the flat raised area. Shimlar then says ‘The Angel comes! Fight the Angel of Vengeance… alone… We bow to each other and then fight. Somehow I won, but it was during the combat that I realised that I was relying too much on the Dragonlance all the time. It is time to change that and with the part of the testing complete I am now on the path to becoming a Paladin of Paladine.

I was not happy to let Quinn go onto that dais by himself but it was his choice. The fight was intense and I know that Quinn was using all his skills to try and defeat the angel. It was finally the angel that made a mistake. It went for a giant overhead attack and the angel’s sword was blocked by Quinn’s shield and the force created an explosion that knocked the angel out of the arena. When the dragon was explaining the test he told us that one of the conditions was that the combatants stayed in the arena, and would forfeit the test if they went outside.

With the angel defeated, Quinn had passed the test. The dragon later told us it was the trial of honor. The dragon then talks to Quinn and explains that Nessie is at a critical moment in her life. She can begin the ‘toper’ (to mature). It is a time when a dragon must endure when they sleep and shed their skin and dream. During this time she will be vulnerable however. ‘You have the choice of leaving her with me or she can continue with you and hold off. During the toper Nessie wouldn’t be able to help us. It is your choice that you must make now.

Quinn decides to leave Nessie here (and I believe he has made the correct decision, she has much to learn about her own kind),

It was hard to leave Nessie behind, for I had given my word and my bond to Paladine to protect her with my life. But she needs to grow herself and learn what it is to be a Gold Dragon with one of her own kind. Maybe she will get to see the other good dragons and convince them to help us against the dark queen! Time will tell. After a big hug I wave goodbye to Nessie and we leave the chamber and the Paladine Place of Power. The passing of a second test was the result of my decision. Even if it had not been a ‘test’ I would have still done the same time for Nessie.

‘Your will shall be done. Your youngling dragon will remain here for its Toper. You have also passed the test of Generosity!’ It turns out that the decision to leave Nessie was another test. During our conversations with the dragon he mentioned that there is a tomb of a Paladine of Paladine from before the cataclysm. Quinn wants to pay his respects and so we go down a passage to where a large stone coffin is on a raised dais in a circular room.

I manage to translate the ancient Solmanic on the tomb. It is a simple inscription. Vindel Brightblade, Paladin of Paladine, ‘Be At Peace’.

Around the room are murals showing several of Vindel’s victories (Defending a pass, fighting nomads). The place has a very serene feeling to it.

Kneeling and praying before the ancient tomb of Vindel Brightblade was an amazing experience. It is great to see that the world has not fallen to evil and that there is hope. Hope and Faith – even Lt Day laid a hand on the coffin and whispered to himself. I did not ask him what he said, as it was not my place to ask. I am feeling very much at peace with myself.

We head back out and say our final goodbye to Shimlar (Dragon High Five!)
We get to the outside of temple and collect Quinn’s horse (It seems happy it’s not fighting with Nessie for Quinn’s affection – Horse – My Time to SHINE!)

We make it back to the camp site and I sense that the barrier has once again reactivated (I will still not be able to teleport directly into the temple still). I ask the others if I can memorize the location so I can teleport it at a later date. The others agree and explore the area while I spend the time.

After committing the location I tell the others I’m ready and Redegar mentions that he thinks 3 days has past and that others have been through here recently!
Worried that we have little time left before Lord Hargoth’s Ship will depart I gather the others and teleport us back to Hargoth.

We arrive back and at first the citizens around us are alarmed and then when they see Quinn the chants begin ‘Lord Quinn! Lord Quinn!’

Tiny manages to restore order and we hear cavalry coming towards us. The leader introduces himself as Lt Pike and he confirms that we have been away for 3 days, and the Lord wishes to see us straight away. I tell Quinn I’ll go get Caleb and teleport out (with a light show _).

I fill the Lord in on what has happened but some of what I say has already been passed on Lazarus and Taal. It also seems we arrived just in time as we leave with the morning tide! Time flows differently at the Place of Power than in the real world.

I arrive in Korval and find Caleb. He’s relieved to see me. He gathers his items and after a quick meeting with Lord John where I pay my respects, I teleport us back to the Keep. I tell Caleb that I have an urgent appointment and that I will see him later.

I teleport to Marcus’s shop and after greeting him, he takes me through to a back room where Talia is. She greets me and casts an anti-detection spell so we will not be heard.

She tells me several things:
• Timothy is concerned because he’s heard that more and more of our enemy are taking notice of me. He’s worried that I’m taking too much of a risk and that I have drawn too much attention and that they might be taking steps to kill me.
• Jark was indeed the one who caused the betrayal
• Anastasia is Udoonin’s daughter. She is also classified as a renegade and has killed inquisitor that have been sent after her.
• She has requested that Timothy meet her in 12 days (During Whitestone)
• It turns out Timothy and her had history…
• Whupus has not been heard from recently
• Timothy wants to take my place at Whitestone
• Talia believes he is probably after the dragon orb
• She explains that Timothy thinks he’s the ‘A Team’, and that it is his destiny to do this
• I explain to her that I have been given information and power to fight this evil
• She doesn’t understand and tries to read my mind
• I first of all stop her attempts and then agree to show her my meeting with the gods of light
• She tells me that they both knew none of this and it changes things (They thought I was a puppet for the council of three)(And while that is true I’m also a puppet with teeth _)
• I explain to her that it must be me that goes to Whitestone as Timothy has caused more problems than good with the other races and that I at least have my brother and my friends to assist me.
• I tell her that she must not let Timothy meet with Anastasia as it will be a trap. There is probably very little she can do to stop her father even with her treachery. It’s more important that we free the dragon eggs.
• I tell her that I believe there are some dragon eggs in the South at Tarsis. It would be better if Timothy went there and trying to find them or help me at Whitestone.
• Talia agrees (She also very much hates Anastasia) but explains that Timothy believes it best that we remain apart (But he doesn’t have all the information). She explains that she will try and convince him.

Talia tells me that she will remain here until we depart in case anything changes. I wish her well and depart.

I return to the keep where it seems there is a party. I pull Quinn out and explain that we need to talk to Lazarus before we go. We greet him in the dungeon and when we inquiry about the Irda he explains that she is incredibly strong willed and that he has gained no information of use. When we suggested that we could talk with her Lazarus agrees and points out that we have been the only ones that have got any useful information from her.
We head inside and while I attempt to reach her she will not respond.

Alexi: We can continue this Charade but we have tried to help you redeem yourself and we have tried to help you but it is now on you. If you don’t want to save your people then we cannot help you and Lazarus will be able to do with you as you wish.

It is finally Quinn who manages to get through to her!

I felt that Alexi was trying the right approach but we were running out of time and I felt, no KNEW that there was another option we could try. I more forward and kneel in front of her and swear upon the honour of my family and the line of Goldenscale that we will free her people from the grip of the Dark Queens Evil! I even surprised Alexi with my declaration and gave praise to Paladine as always. I can tell she is VERY interested in this proposal and let Alexi know this is the case. I even got a look of surprise from Lazarus – that is not an easy thing to do!

We learn much about Baron Henry Garath of the Vale – I still think he is a traitor but not THE traitor. He just wants personal power over others. Then I do something the again makes Alexi, Lazarus and the Irda open their mouths in wonder. I say…
‘I forgive you.’

Nothing more for I truly mean it for it comes from deep within me and she can tell I am open and truthful with this statement.

Astonished! Confused! The Irda woman tears up and says that ‘All she wanted to do was help her people and get them help, but she had to keep telling herself that what she was doing was helping them and from there it just got worse and worse! Some of the things that she has done are just terrible.

‘You must learn to forgive yourself!’ I removed my glove and wiped away her tears. ‘To realise within one’s self the things you have done or will do are too much – You understand that what you are doing or about to do; this is your moment, this is the point in your life where you will make the decision on where you want to go. Do not be the pawn of others. I sincerely believe you will make the right choice and I humbly will help in any way I can.’
‘May the Blessing of Paladin be upon you.’

She then tells us that Jark has her people; says he is protecting them but they are hostages, much like the good dragon eggs. She confuses that they took the eggs and the corruption Jark and the Dark Queens forces do is an abomination. 300 Irda, mainly the old and infirm as well as children are all hostages to Jark.

We learn of the location where the Irda are being held and that the evil Mage Jark stripped them of their magical abilities. Foolish but they were disparate it seems. The idea of a small group doing an attack and releasing her people comes forth and before we know it we are getting together to discuss what to do.

It turns out that the Irda accepted Jark’s ‘supposed’ help and he in turned convinced them to give up their powers to him and to be transported and held ‘safely’ in Zhakar where the dark dwarves lived. They are bound by a pact of some kind and approximately 18 others have been infiltrating the forces of light spying and causing discord.

Quinn has pledged our support to free them so we come up with a plan to teleport into the dark dwarf city and rescue the Irda that are being held captive there. Gwest (The Irda ) will act as a conduit so I can scry the Irda’s location and teleport us in safely.

Quinn goes and gathers the others while Gwest provides me some additional information. It seems that Jark used a version of the corrupt dragon egg ritual (that had other black robes as well) to take the magical essence of the Irda. He has the wild magic essence of nearly 300 Irda!!!

She wouldn’t exactly tell her what she did in Vingard but it seems she impersonated (Or her sister Siliel) someone else and made things aware to that person. There was another contact at the keep (Someone with a green ring!)

She also had some interesting information about more general matters. She never dealt with Udoonin, but she explained that Jark worked with Udoonin. It seems now that Anastasia (his daughter) & Jark have broken away from Udoonin and are now working together!

She says she knows that Udoonin was planning to do something at Whitestone. (While I agree there would have been something planned, his decision to empower the demon I believe has lessen his plan that he is doing at Whitestone). I still expect something to happen.

I ask her about Scorpius and she confirms that he is an Irda and he is one that has fully given himself to Jark, and that he wants more power. (This would seem to confirm that there are some Irda with power still about).

I send Tiny off to prepare my residence (the old garrison building) and to secretly get items to prepare us for the mission to rescue the Irda’s people. I ask my friends and they all will follow. Honour and Loyalty always. While this is happening I go to the Lord’s dinner and make the rounds and then talk privately with the Lord (and Edwin the ever loyal bodyguard…). I explain the plan and Edwin has a fit! ‘You have gone too far this time Goldenscale’ He says. Edwin really needs the stick either pulled out or pushed all the way in his ass. The Lord says that I should beware Edwin – his hatred for me grows with each passing day. After the dinner we all meet back at my residence and I explain the plan – everyone follows. I will not let them down.

We’re organizing a rescue mission. To save the Irda’s people.
I think about a possible location that we can keep the Irda safe and the only two locations I can think of are the ruined city and the monastery. When the others arrive I discuss it with Quinn and Caleb and Caleb agrees that the monastery is the best location. He also explains that if we are successful that he will stay at the monastery to care for the Irda as he is the last remaining monk of the Purple Lotus.

With the help of Gwest I scry the location of her people and then teleport us in to the main chamber outside the ‘jail’ so we can defeat the guards. While the others quickly dispatch the guards I head behind us and put an arcane lock on the door. Usually the ritual takes ten minutes and we don’t have the time so I try and use the power of the staff to help me. I don’t know how to explain it but the staff seemed eager to help (I’m not sure if that’s because of my new combined powers), the Arcane lock on the door is a 59 DC (Slightly less powerful than the Irda lock on the door). The staff is now active and it is putting out quite a beacon of power. I decide to keep it active as it might be able to help me activate the portal to teleport us all out.

We appeared and attacked as a well-oiled machine. Each person knows where to go and what to do. The initial attack went well and only one of the Dark Dwarfs escaped up the stairs to the top landing. None were able to raise the alarm. We continued the fight up and managed to slay all but two of our enemies before Alexi and the Staff took us to the safety of the Monastery. We were victorious and there were no fatalities. Praise be to Paladine!

While the others proceed down each of the upstairs passages, Caleb, Day and I head through the main entrance. I tell Gwest to go and talk to her people and she calls out to them to prepare to get out.

The others are dispatching the dark dwarf guards and I use the staff to attempt to activate the portal. It decides to help more than anticipated and it creates a MASSIVE teleport circle on the floor that encompasses a 100 feet diameter of the room. As I’m waiting for all the Irda and my companions to get onto the circle I sense that someone is trying to scry the location. (I realised that this was from the initial ‘ping’ that went off from the Arcane lock that would have only been a localized disturbance (which means that being near Sanction and Neraka) that it would be dragonarmy mages. I decide to setup a feedback loop (and set the level to mild – although the staff wanted to make it big enough to kill anyone tracking me – naughty staff!).

I yell at the others to get to the circle now that the Irda are all in and they all disengage from the dark dwarves and reach me. Setting off the feedback just before the teleport so no one can track us I manage to teleport us all out to the monastery.

We arrive safely and being quite impressed with the staff I try to power it down but it doesn’t want to. Even though I know that we are safe for the moment, eventually someone will come looking for the staff now that it is putting off this ‘ping’. I focus my will on the staff and manage to deactivate it and then a wave of nausea overcomes me and I fall to the ground exhausted.

I awake and Gwest is worried about being scryed and I explain that anyone scrying would have gotten feedback. She is still concerned and wants to know if we can return to the dungeon room at the keep yet and instead I explain that there is a room here at the monastery that might work – Room of Mishakal. We (I am aided) head into the church and it seems she is initially unable to enter. Caleb says that she should come with him as she must repentant to Mishakal before she can enter. They head off and return after an hour. There seems to be a change within her (she seems to be less ‘burdened’ ) and it seems that she has been granted forgiveness by Mishakal and she is able to enter the room _
We discuss the situation and Caleb, and again he confirms that he will remain here. I give him my communication gem in case he needs to call us for assistance. Although still suffering the effects of the staff I gather the others and we teleport back to Hargoth and explain to Quinn that he will have to talk to Lazarus as I am still weak and I’m heading straight to bed!

Alexi is tired – I mean really tired from using the staff (or was that controlling the staff?) but we return to the Hargoth in one piece. The Irda are safe and we have struck another blow against the forces of evil. Before heading off to see Lazarus I turn to Karnak and hand him the Dragonlance for it is time for him to do so. Something tells me this is the right thing to do.
I inform Lazarus that the attack was a success and that if he could send aid (supplies and medicine) to the Monastery that would greatly help Caleb. I also tell him that Caleb wants to put the Monastery under the protection of Hargoth as he will need help defending the area against possible attack. I hand over the official letters from Caleb and then head off and get a few hours’ sleep before going down to the docks and leaving with the morning tide. Finally we will be on our way to Whitestone!!!

I awake the next morning and although I am still recovering from last night I am feeling better. I intend to sleep as soon as we are on board.
We proceed down to the dock where we find the ship that will be taking us to Whitestone. We arrive and board the ship with Lord Hargoth.

Before leaving Hargoth I speak to the young heir once more – he wants to come and had already tried hard to stowaway. I explain to him that as ‘heir’ it is his responsibility to be here as he cannot be in the same place as his Father for the line of Hargoth must continue. Honour and Loyalty always. He leaves me with a parting word and says that he is going to try and become a member of the new 1st Squad, or ‘Quinn’s Own’ as the group has become known. I wish him luck, though he will one day realise that he will command the armies of Hargoth as Lord.

It seems Edwin is missing and the captain seems agitated and tells the lord that we will have to leave soon. As they are casting off Edwin arrives out of breathe (having beaten a horse half to death to reach here) and he executes a surprisingly impressive jump to get off the disembarking ship.

(I would eventually discover that Lon had blocked his door and Edwin had only managed to get out after banging on the door for over an hour – naughty Lon {HEHE})

Destiny is not bullshit as Alexi thinks. Faith, Honour and Loyalty always to one’s family and friends. Service to your God. Remember this and all will be well.

From the Journal of Someone
“Master, it is as you suspected, Montague confirms it. Brother Alexi has activated the staff.”
“Well we knew this would happen at some stage.. just maybe not so soon” (the Master turns to the window considering) “Does Montague think the others will have sensed its use?”
“Yes Master” (The master nods)
“Master, I was also sent to tell you, some of our brothers have raised concerns with the use of the staff, you must come”

From the Journal of Someone
“Our agent has reported, the brothers have boarded the ship and are on their way to Whitestone”
(The other man nods) “Udoorin’s men are fools… they wouldn’t know their head from their asses if he didn’t constantly show them”
(The first man laughs dutifully) “What are we going to do?”
(The other man considers) “Udoorin’s men might be fools, but his plan is genius. We will follow through with it”
(the first man stands) “But how can it now succeed?”
(The other man turns) "We will make the plan our own. Contact the Knight, we will set the wheels in motion”

From the Journal of Someone
“Lord we have received a message from Hargoth, the Lord has left for Whitestone”
“Good, was Quinn with him?”
“Yes Lord, Quinn and Quinn’s brother were both onboard”
“Did Hargoth send the information I requested?”
“Yes Lord, I have it here” (the man hands over the message)
“Very well…Now leave me, I must think on how best to use this”

Evils Last Gambit?
34th Session

From the Journals of Quinn and Alexi Goldenscale




Battling a demon was always going to be one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced but no one could have expected how difficult it was going to be. Thankfully due to Udoonin’s daughters’ betrayal of keeping the amulet, the demon’s power was not at its fullest and the battle seemed to be progressing well for us, when suddenly the demon drew this black gem from his belt and threw it on the ground. Black smoke (Essence of Udoonin) spilled out and entered the demon. Although it squealed in pain the essence didn’t hurt the demon instead it infused it with necrotic energy!! Suddenly the demon was looking incredibly more powerful and tough, and this was evident when our mundane weapons were not having the same effect as before. Things were looking grim. Until Lieutenant Day. He had taken a demon slaying sword that Gadvin had brought from the tower. (GM: I hate that sword) He managed to pierce the demon’s skin in his lower back and with that effort the sword’s power infused into the demon and the demon arched his back in a scream of pain. None of us could stop what happened next. Black energy feedback came out of the demon (Udoonin energy) that attacked Lieutenant Day. Also monstrous was that the demon in revenge for the sword in his back turned around and ripped off one of Lieutenant Day’s arms! The Lt Showing an incredible endurance managed to hold onto the sword with his other arm and kept it embedded into the demon. (GM: actually took a natural 20)

Taking a moment to examine the Udoonin force I discovered something interesting. This ‘essence’ that has been infused into the demon would have taken almost all of Udoonin’s power, this was his final gambit before the Night of the Eye. He’ll need time to recover. (GM: yes, that is sound reasoning. Especially from the experience you are getting with it) It unfortunately has made the demon much more powerful and it seems like the necrotic energy has healed the demon. (GM: yep.. Udoorin just pimped his demon!)

Lt Day’s attack however allowed me to learn a great deal of information about the essence. It seems its focus is on protecting and healing the demon. This is evidenced by the energy attempting to dislodge the sword from the demon’s back. I tell the others that we have to make another wound and Quinn heeding my words manages to penetrate with the dragon lance in the side near the demon’s right kidney. The demon cries out and my theory is confirmed when I notice that the dark energy’s focus on the back incision is reduced as it now focuses on the more dangerous kidney rupture. Taking the opportunity I fire my radiant power at the back incision and am able to penetrate and exacerbates the wound. I’ve sent the equivalent of a radiant virus (GM: that was bordering on Star Trek) into the infection and I manage to cause the demon great pain as the necrotic energy is too weak at this point to stop my power. It will eventually overcome and neutralise my power but we have an opening now. I tell the others to make a third incision if possible so we can thin out the necrotic energy and it will stop the demon from having an even greater advantage.

The others comply with my instructions and as they attempt to make a third incision into the demon’s arm. The demon screams in outrage and summons an incredibly powerful looking sword that looks like it could slice any of us to pieces easily. Luckily Quinn was ready and when the demon turned to try and attack him he managed to dodge most of the massive blow and Redegar was able to perform an amazing attack with his axe and severed the sword arm straight off the demon. (GM: nice move!)

This arm had now become the most damaged point of the demon and as such contained the majority of Udoonin’s essence. Without the demon body as a host the essence tried to flee as it has tried every other time.

This time Redegar was ready for it, and thankfully due to Caleb’s blessing of his weapon he managed to deal a fatal blow to the Udoonin essence as it attempted to flee. The scream of pain from the energy was evident that Udoonin felt every part of that blow and as such the essence exploded. Unfortunately as Udoonin is a vindictive man the essence exploded on Redegar firing him back against the back wall of the building, hitting the magical runes that were all along the inside of the warehouse. Redegar’s interaction with the runes caused an even greater explosion and he was thrown free from the building. (GM: through the wall!) We would eventually learn that he was only mildly injured and was helped out by some of the soldiers standing outside. (GM: what impressed them the most was Redegar picked himself up, dusted himself off, and stepped back through the man size Redegar hole he had just made without missing a beat!)

With the runes activated and depleted I felt a weight lift off me that now I consider it, was dampening my powers. With the sigils gone and the dampening effect gone I started to build up my radiant power for a final blow that would finish the demon once and for all, but it turns out that another of our members was to be saviour today and on reflection I feel that it was most appropriate. (GM: another was to be the saviour today? ..sounds very much like Alexi thinks he is normally the “saviour”… oh Alexi.. phone ringing… its Istar, calling looking for another Kingpriest!!)

While most of the others all recovered from the explosion of the Udoonin force it was Lt Day screaming out a battlecry (that I eventually would learn was something along the lines of ‘My Time is Now’), thrust his demon-slaying sword into the demon and who was incredibly wounded at this point (due to the loss of Udoonin’s essence) squealed out in pain and in a flash of light the demon was gone. Standing one-handed holding his sword Lt Day marvelled at how the sword now glowed (not just the gem) a bright red and knowing that the presence of the demon was now trapped within the sword. (GM: can’t believe you just vanquished a Demon Lord!!)
It was over! The demon was vanquished. Gadvin lost his spell due to us vanquishing it but in the end he didn’t seem to mind as he explained that his spell would have just banished the demon back to his plane while this would hopefully ensure that he would never be allowed to be summoned again.

Both him and Erik push through and attempt to take the sword (As they aren’t going to leave the weapon in our hands) (GM: or hand, in the case of Lt Day) and first there is resistance but I explain to everyone that the sword is now an intelligent weapon and once the demon grows stronger again it will attempt to take control of its user. Both Quinn and Redegar accept my assessment and Lt Day is eager to hand over the weapon. (GM: yes Lt Day has enough voices in his head already)

Gadvin mentions that he must return to the tower to report this and I tell him that I will come with him to provide the information I have discovered on this renegade to the council. Erik and Gadvin agree and I tell Quinn that I will see him soon.
While the others seem to be accepting the accolades of townspeople who had started to gather outside the now damaged building I create a portal back to the tower and all three of us step through. (GM: in the middle of the street mind you…very low key!!) (For more information on the events at the tower please refer to the Adventure Log entitled The Trial of Radiant )

The Demonlord is dead. We were all amazed that we had succeeded and that we were all still alive, none more so than Lt Day. His blow with the Demon Slaying Blade destroyed the creature, and Redegar and Alexi killed another piece of Udoonin. He will be weak for some time which, for the moment, gives us the upper hand. (GM: yeah yeah) The fight was touch and go; I know that I came close to dying for if it had not been for my shield and the magical properties of my bracers, I could have been with Paladine. I also blocked a blow intended for Nessie with my shield. The Demonlord strikes were devastating to whomever the beast struck. The aftermath of the battle was good, though my bracers disintegrated to dust. I spoke with Day and noticed that he has changed for the better. I told him that the Gods are with him and that his redemption is well on the way to helping him be at peace with himself. Stay the course and you will find your true path. I feel that I have gotten through to him but I know he still has a hard road to travel. (GM: Quinn has read the situation exactly… Lt had a breakthrough.. but long road ahead)

{Insert Redegar’s perspective of the Demon Fight} (GM: tap tap tap)

The townsfolk call us heroes and I suppose we are, but I still feel uncomfortable receiving their accolades. I do my duty, serve Paladine and try to show that the knighthood is not corrupt and will be a beacon of hope to the people once more. So far I feel that I have done just this. (GM: has Quinn had a bit of a reality check here and is thinking more and more the knighthood is not the scion of goodness your father made out? Or does he not want to believe what he sometimes sees and hears about the knights?… want to know for RP character motivation… put some words in your character area) The forces of evil must be challenged or the world will fall into anarchy. But my mind wanders as I write this; Hail Lord Quinn, the Demon Slayer! The crowds chant but it was a team effort that brought down the beast but the people will not listen. They are happy that the threat has been stopped and the city saved.

Not long after we meet with Lord John and tell him all that has happened and he congratulates us once more and says ‘You and your party have vanquished the evil demon who killed my family. I and Korval are ever in your debt.’ This brought spontaneous cheers from the gathered crowds! Again I say it is merely my duty like my Father before me back I know that no one is really listening – they are just happy, and then he says ‘For what you have done due to your heroism and courage and your help as the champion of Hargoth, I will stop at nothing to increase the relationship between our two fair cities. You and your companions are always welcomed here in Korval.’ (GM: there was also something about how two generations of Goldenscales have now saved Korval)

I know that John would love for me to stay but I must go to the Paladine Place of Power but I do say that one day I will return. The gods are with us. Paladine, Habbaruk and Kiri-Jolth; I ask that the temple on the summit of the old city be rebuild so that it can once more be a monument to the gods of light. John agrees that this shall be done. Tal then steps forward and says that the Lord of Hargoth wants nothing more than to strengthen the ties between the two cities to help make the lands safe for travellers once more. I suggest that a combined defence against the humanoids of the mountains will be a very smart idea.
While Alexi is at the Tower of High Sorcery, the destruction of the warehouse begins and I have time to talk to Lt Day. He is on the mend but he has a long way to go. He has a hard time believing he did the killing blow on the Demon and is not blind in his faith that it was the will of the Gods. Karnak thinks it is of course. (GM… no he doesn’t think.. he knows!!) I asked Day if he was going to come with me to find the Place of Power and he says yes. He thinks the only way he can truly redeem himself is to go with me. I offer to do practise drills with his as well and he accepts. He then goes to rest. This is a good idea as all I am waiting for now is Alexi’s return.

{Insert Redegar’s perspective of receiving accolades from the town) (GM: again… tap tap tap)

These are just what happened – include what you wish in each section
Quinn, Redegar, Karnak, Day, Tiny & Nessie are hailed as heroes!
Lord Quinn – Demon Slayer
Go to meet Lord John (JJ)
JJ – You and your party have vanquished the evil demon who killed my family. I and Korval are ever in your debt.

Spontateous cheer! Huzzah Huzzah (GM: Mexican wave!!!)

Anything that I can do, just like your father you have liberated our fair city. It is my honour and duty to protect the people of Solamnia as a future knight of Solamnia.
From what you have done due to your heroism and courage and your help as the champion of Hargoth, I will stop at nothing to increase the relationship between our two fair cities. You and your companions are always welcomed here in Korval.
If there was anything I thought I could do to get you to stay I would.

One day I will return. The gods are with us. Paladine, Habbaruk and Kiri-Jolth. Rebuild the temple. It is a momument to the gods of light.

If that is what you wish we will rebuild it to its former glory. So that those that wish may worship the old gods.

Tal – my lord on behalf of Lord Hargoth I can tell you that it would bring us great pleasure for our lord to meet with you to strength our bond especially due to our combined loss at the hands of this evil. Working together we can prevail against any evil foe in the area.
If you would like we will send a fast message. On the dawn we will send fast rider to Hargoth. Quinn you may also send messages.
Build relationship while Faulkner is at large – to strengthen ties.

Do you want to send to Lazarus and Tal will code messages
Lt Day – son of Hargoth saving our city – redeeming himself from the evil possession.
Karnak follower of Quinn –
Tiny – Son of Hargoth
Redegar Bloodaxe – Proven your mettle here, while helping Quinn and his companion but also helping me and my fair city, I am aware that you were in bondage of this evil. But the help you gave me and my people especially in this city this morning, and that Quinn, his brother and yourself risked your lives to save my mother and sister I would ask if there is anything that I could give you as assistance

My Lord I am forever thankfully for you and all I ask is that if there is any information you find out about this enemy I would ask that you would give that to us.
We will aid you however we can – We will send you any information we can help. (GM: Redegar has given his information to the lorekeeper of Korval)
Can we offer you anything – My Lord you need to offer me anything. I have all that I need on my body. (RP – Barbarians don’t need the items – XP awarded by GM).
We are all afforded the title of Demon Slayer!

Write a Letter to the Lord – To explain what you are doing next:
The warehouse is going to be burnt down.

Quinn → Lt Day – (Could be taken to the Paladine Place of Power) – How are you feeling – I feel better. My Lord – You saved us, the demon died by your hand – I do not believe that but I do believe I assisted in saving myself, if it took losing an arm to regain my sanity then that is a trade I would be willing to make (You’re thinking not knife edge as Caleb said) – (He’s lucid but he’s putting it on a bit, trying to show he’s better than what you are, he’s still hurting) – Paladine came down and helped you, not that you should give your life over to him, but he believes you are doing his work and you are worthy, (You’re thinking – He’s more cynical, there is no more blind faith – faith is not what he believes) – (GM: yes true.. but if you can make a believer out of a cynic it is said their faith is the strongest, as they have questioned it beforehand)

Anger/Hatred/Revenge Mission – Do you still wish to come with me – Yes My Lord I do want to come with you, you have done so much for me and my people, coming with you can help me atone for some of what I have done by serving you – To me you have already atoned but you must find that in yourself and you are on that path – Yes my Lord grief and madness have left me and I do see a way forward to serve you for at least a time , will you be happy to be served by a one armed man – I would be happy to be served by anyone who has the spirit/will – My Lord I thank you and it pleases me that you would look past a person’s failures (Double edge, but not pity – this is him and its part of his recovery – for however long you wish you follow you are always welcome, rest up and we can always do sword practice with your arm – I would like that My Lord.

(Lt Day – Resting).
Redegar, Karnak & Quiinn – How is Lt Day – He is better, he is on the mend, but it will be a slow process but he no longer hates himself. He is keen to practice to learn how to use the arm.

In my tribe the ones that have gained a disability have looked inside themselves to overcome to find the strength inside. (GM: Redegar aka confucius)

He will come with us. (Karnak has more respect for Lt Day).
Redegar & Karnak bond over demon slaying.

Meal discussion with Quinn & Redegar – Thank you and your companion. I am indebted. Don’t know how far I am away from my village and I have to find the dragonarmy that attacked my home. Any assistance to find out about how far away from, and am willing to continue with the company. Still reflecting over the other Barbarian and I would talk to you about it at some point.

I arrive back in the city to find the warehouse behind me in the process of being burned. It’s probably for the best although I would have liked to double check but alas it is too late. I pull over one of the soldiers and manage to learn that Quinn and the others are currently in the Inn enjoying a meal and that it might be difficult to get through as a crowd of townspeople have gathered outside.

I arrive at the Inn and realise the guard has underestimated the crowd. It’s more like a riot of people. Realizing I would have little chance of getting through as no one seems eager to be moved back from ‘Lord Quinn’s presence ._.’ I create some fireworks in the sky with my prestidigitation and while the mass of ‘mundanes’ are amused I manage to get to the front door where the guards let me in. (GM: haha was nice work… but see if you were evil could have just cast a lighting bolt… that would have moved everyone out of the way)

Inside is not much better as Redegar and Tiny seem bent on having a barbarian drinking contest and even Lon can’t complain as he ‘hoovers’ down a giant chicken leg. I join Redegar and Quinn at the table and they greet me well and we update each other on events. (I have a staff, they are all saviours and I’m my reputation in the city has increased from Kill on Site to ‘Extremely hostile’) {How generous}. (GM: HA!)

Redegar remembering that we had spoken of a barbarian we had seen back in Hargoth and he asks for more details and we described the event and with Lon’s help identified him as a member of the ‘snake clan’. Supposedly there are several clans up in the mountain and these guys were known for going bad (surprise surprise). It seems these may have sold out the other clans to the dragonarmy.

We discuss several options but definitely using the Irda device to teleport to the Paladine Place of Power seems the best option at this stage.

We all go rest and agree to meet early in the morning to set off.

{Redegar Insert anything from this if you wish} (GM: I give up..)

I am glad we could help Redegar with the information we provided. Not sure how much use it will be though as it has been some time since we saw this barbarian.

The current plan looks like go to the Paladine place of power and then return to Hargoth in time for the boat ride in 5 days).

Caleb comes to us that night and states that he would like to remain here instead of going with us tomorrow as he believes the city needs his healing now at this critical time. Quinn agrees and I tell Caleb that I will come and collect him on the day before we are leaving for Whitestone and he agrees.

Quinn goes and says goodbye to the Lord in the morning before we set off.

I say goodbye to John and find out that work has already started on the old temple and I get the feeling that the old city will one day all be rebuilt. Tal looks like he is ‘helping out’ in a secret police role to help weed out the remaining seeker troops (if any) and also try to locate the missing Colonel. (GM: plus he would have confided that he was really worried about Faulkner still being on the loose)

Heading back under the mage tower I’m thankful it seems that Udoonin has not been back here recently. I am weary about leaving that hole in the ground as it provides him with access to this facility but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it now.
I activate the device and access some information it has about the site: (GM: using the “stargate”)

The location was originally called the ‘Paladine Temple of the Sun’ – Legend states that Huma came here and he was wounded and followed the stag to this place of Paladine and where he faced one of his trials, and since then it has become a place where worshippers, priest and knights of Solmania – Holy Paladins have sorted this place out (Holy Warriors). For some reason that is not specified it seems the place fell into disuse, fell into secret.
I tell everyone to gather on the platform and I manage to correctly activate the teleporting circle and we are sent towards the Paladine Place of Power. As we are materializing I sense something – I activated the spell correctly but for some reason we are diverted from entering the Paladine place of power and instead are teleported to what I suppose is an ancient camp site.

I explain to the others that we were blocked from teleporting directly there and perhaps it has a defense like the tower of high sorcery.

The others all spread out and explore the area while I try and sense if there is a magical barrier of some kind

{Insert Redegar’s scouting and discovery of nearby boar clan} (GM: sigh)

On a side of a hill – nice and crisp, beautiful and green. Redegar knows that we are in the Vingaard mountains.

Closest barbarian tribe 30-40 miles is the boar clan – relationship to panther clan – neutral
Boar Clan – Like boars – very territorial – very xenophobic – very traditional/honourable, like Redegar, would not like others – especially mages or non-humans. Value strength and forth-right. Their shaman’s aren’t magical, more lore-keepers. Larger than Panther. Most northern clan, # of villagers, good farmers, Leader – King Vinack – powerful warriors 15year leader

The area we appeared in was not the Place of Power but it is definitely starting point and that the real one is close by. The story of Huma tells how a stag lead him to the place and that he had to face a trial once there. Does this mean the same thing will happen to me? I really do not know but decide that I must investigate the area by myself; I feel that this is needed. I climb on to my horse and ride around until I come to a glade near a stream. I let me horse graze and drink while I meditate on all that has happened.

Once I feel calm I look up and see the great stag – it is truly a magnificent beast with 18 antlers and is an animal that I could never kill. I get up and walk towards the stag; it turns and heads deeper into the forest and I continue to follow, pushing my way through the undergrowth with my horse close behind me. Eventually I arrive at a valley and look down to see a temple carved in the rock face on the opposite side of the valley. I have arrived! This is the Paladine Place of Power. Now to see what was here… As I move toward the entrance I message Alexi to say I have located the temple and that everyone should come to me. Come in this direction via the glade and the stream and follow my tracks. Should be easy I think… (GM: so you think)

On the outside of the temple is a giant Muriel of Paladine, but as I get very close to the entrance I can feel the negative energy flowing out from the door. This is not good, but I boldly step through the columns and look upon the temple. I am probably the first person to be here since the Cataclysm. A very humbling moment. Once my eyes adjust to the light I can see a white hooded figure waiting next to the altar at the other end of the temple. I step forward but can still sense the evil in the room; could this be my test?? I approach the figure and announce myself and ask the figure who they are. I get no answer from the figure – all it does is step back and point to three items that a lying on the altar. It seems I am to choose.

On the altar is a Bastard Sword, a Shield with verse in golden inlay and a ring. I still sense a trap and do the only think I could think of at the time; I touch the Dragonlance to the Bastard Sword (GM: bugger!) and as soon as I do sparks fly and the illusionary veil is lifted from my eyes. The three items are all cursed and the figure is really a Death Knight. Battle is joined!

Quinn has gone missing and the others are starting to worry. I was able to contact him through the gem and he explained he saw the stag and was led to the temple and he’s about to step inside. As he steps inside we lose contact through the gem but for some reason I can sense his emotions. As we set off to search for his path we finally locate his tracks and eventually we follow them into a dense scrub where the tracks stop. I sense a barrier but I am not sure if the barrier exists because we have to prove our worth or for some other reason. I declare at the barrier that I Alexi Goldenscale, brother to Quinn and radiant mantle of the gods of light request entry to the temple. (GM: could have just said “im with him”)

At this point I sense Quinn is in danger and I realise this might have been a trap. I focus my power at the barrier and cast a dispel magic that punches through the veil concealing the temple.

We proceed over the ridge and head down into the ruins.

The battle with the Death Knight, a fallen Knight of Paladine is short and vicious. I am victorious and as the Death Knight dies all his items disintegrate into dust and from the dust rises the spirit of the Knight. He thanks me for releasing him from the torment his undead life has been since the fiery mountain fell from the sky. He lost his faith and was cursed to haunt this place and keep anyone of good heart from surviving their trip here. All before me had died. I tell him he is redeemed and that Paladine forgives him. He tells me his name is Sir Agron Pathgaard, Knight of the Rose. He also confirms for me that this place is the Paladine place of testing for warriors, priests and those of faith. The test is also different for each person.

From the Journal of Lt Day:
I have lost an arm. It is strange, I still go to pick things up, and it still itches! But I now see clearer… I know that Quinn, Karnak, Alexi and Caleb believe in the good gods… and I know particularly Karnak has no doubt that Paladine assisted me in wielding the sword to kill the demon. But I don’t know, what he calls the gods I would call blind luck!… but….maybe…something has happened…. but where does the self stop and the spirit begin? I will need to think on it some more.

Lord Quinn is as compassionate and honourable as he is battle hardened. A one armed cripple will not be much good I fear, but he didn’t hesitate in letting me come along on his journey. If there are gods up there listening… please help me to not do anything to interfere with Lord Quinn’s quest… I beg you!!

From the Journal of Someone:

From the Journal of Someone:
Be ready Malik…. I can sense it will be time soon. They are almost ready…

From the Journal of Lon:
mmmm chicken!!

It's a Trap!
33rd Session

From the Journal of Alexi & Quinn Goldenscale and Redegar Bloodaxe


We proceed into the Manor house where we can finally have a moment to analyse the situation. Quinn & Redegar both agree that Falkner will make some desperate counter-play to the situation, and want him to be found. I attempt to scry for him but as I have only seen him at a distance I am not able to get a reading.

We are finally introduced to Balin who is Sir John’s bodyguard and as Sir John is still in shock over recent events, he is the one giving the orders. Quinn asks to recall back the city guard and Balin informs us that he sent two soldiers immediately after the incident in the square and that they are currently patrolling outside the city gates! Quinn also informs Balin and Sir John of the militia colonel’s treason and he requests that Sir John summon the colonel to answer for his actions. Unfortunately Sir John is still unsure of himself and Quinn eventually has a ‘heart-to-heart’ chat with the new Lord and with some help from Balin drafts up the order and requests that Quinn deliver the message. (GM: nice work!)

It is strange but I do not remember ever being so ‘young and lost’ as John was at that exact moment. Even when I was told father was dead \ missing and later when our uncle told us mother had passed, I did not feel lost. I pushed on and tried to become what I thought father and mother would have wanted for me to do with my life. I am Lord Goldenscale now and this is what I said to John. It was now his time to think of his family – his Mother and sister and to protect the people of Korval from the traitor Falkner. With Balin’s help the scribe writes the letter we need to bring the Colonel before the young Lord.

Although most of us were going to go with Quinn, Balin requests that a ‘warrior type’ remain here to assist with protecting the Lord. Redegar agrees and remains with Caleb (who is performing a ritual on the deceased Lord John) and myself.
I create a portal to the city gates for Quinn, Tal, Tiny, Nessie & Karnak and they all step through. (GM: he wanted a guy with muscles….)

Before I leave to go to the front gate, Balin says that two guards had already gone ahead to recall the watch that are now outside the city. My thought was hopefully the watch had taken to using the encampment that the attacking army had used a mere two days earlier. My suggestion that I go to the gate and deliver the message to the Colonel (if I can find him) is a good one.

Karnak, Tal, Tiny, Nessie and myself all walk through the portal Alexi opens to the front gate. Unfortunately our arrival is NOT very epic, in fact it is downright stupid. The portal was 6 inches above the ground and if not for the Dragonlance I would have fallen flat on my face. Karnak, Tal and Tiny fall in a pile with Nessie on top. Double face palm moment… (GM: of course we all know who to blame!!)

Once we pull ourselves together we see 15 guards with pikes arranged in front of the gate. Behind them are more guards as well as a SGT, with 6 archers on the wall. The strange thing is they are standing in front of the Closed Gates to the city. There are also three wagons over-turned in strategic locations. What is going on?

I step forward and hold up the letter from young Lord John and state that it is for the Colonel and command that he show himself immediately. When I receive blank looks the SGT says the Colonel is not here. I then say does anyone know where the traitorous Colonel and Falkner are? This causes a bigger stir and then I ask if the messengers have arrived from the Lord yet, commanding the troops to get back inside the city. This is when we notice the two guards that were sent to recall the troops. They are standing in line with the guards at the gate and I point to them and ask them what the hell they are doing? This is when all hell breaks loose and the two guards charge the SGT and a corporal. The corporal takes a blade and the SGT is in hand to hand combat with one of the Lord’s guards! (NOTE – Shield is 1d8 +2 damage from a shield bash).

The personal guards from the Lord are really two sivaks in disguise – as they attack the SGT I bull rush through the standing troops and knock one, then the other ‘guard’ flying through the air with a bash of my shield. (GM epic hit!)

As they hit the wall and die they change into Sivaks! I save the SGT but corporal dies from the poison the sivaks licked on their blades. (GM: not confirmed… kapaks lick blades not sivaks to your knowledge, not saying its not true, but your not sure) As I call for calm and order to be restored, I get Tal to get up on the wall and see what is happening outside the city. But then the 100 plus white robe Seeker troops attack us – I mentally tell Nessie that it is okay to use her breath weapon on the attacking force. (GM: she goes goodie!!)

During this time Balin has requested that one of the servants retrieve Sir John’s mother and sister from their rooms in the manor house. The servant meekly (GM: that is exactly what happened!!!) returns and explains that they are missing. Sir John is devastated and wants to rush out to find them but I offer my scrying services and with the help of Sir John as a focus I scry for the mother and daughter and find them in a room tied up. Unfortunately I am unable to gleam any further information but a personal item of one of them might help.

As we are waiting for the item I receive word from Quinn through the communication gem that two of the guards (Who were portraying manor guards were in fact draconians, and they attempted to kill the sergeant who was in charge of the patrol at the city gates. It turns out there is a large goblin force outside the city slaughtering the city guards that are attempting to hold outside. Quinn and the men from inside the gate managed to fend off an attack by the white seeker fanatics that attacked from the rear.

I pull Redegar, Sir John and Balin over and whisper to them the information about the draconians impersonating soldiers, unfortunately John not understanding my reason for keeping this information secret and blurts it out to the room. (GM: well he is young!!) The guards are incredibly uneasy, but I tell them to stand still while I check the room. (GM: at this point the presence of Redegar and Balin is what is holding them together) All of the guards are clean but unfortunately something seems off. During this time the servant returns and he has Sir John mother’s scarf that she is her favourite item. He’s trying to pass it to me but I tell him to wait while I scan the room. He is insistent and eventually I take the scarf from him. As I take it from him I sense something and realise that the servant is a draconian. I stun him and tell Redegar to kill him and the draconian dies and turns into a corpse of Redegar. The soldiers are panicked but Redegar manages to ‘diplomacy’ the guards and they regroup (GM: “Barbarian Diplomacy”)

While we are discussing matters in the young Lord’s Halls, I reflect back on the strangeness of the events so far and remain on high alert for any threats that may come against the city and this young Lord. With Faulkners escape, would he make a play against the young Lord’s life again so quickly? Who could tell…but I remained vigilant in making sure that any in-coming threat would be met swiftly. We would soon learn that, that time had come quicker than any had anticipated.

When Quinn and the other company members are teleported out to summons the Colonel, I volunteer to remain back in the young Lord’s Hall to stand guard with Alexi as he tries to determine where the other members of the Lord’s family are. I could tell, in voice of the Master-at-Arms request, that he needed the strength of our company to assist in the defence of this young Lord and I would do my best to answer that call.

As I’m pacing around the room and checking for any threats, Alexi calls me over, with the young Lord and Master-at-Arms and informs us that Quinn has determined that there are more draconians impersonating guards. The young Lord is panicked and bellows out in front of all present “more draconians!!!” Alexi quickly scans room but determines no immediate threat, while I scan to see if there were any physical reactions to the announcement.

However shortly after one of the guards returns to the room with a scarf, which Alexi takes and, from my perception, is soon overcome by some nauseating effect. Alexi is able to quickly recover from it and stun the draconion guard long enough for me to kill it. I watch it turn into another replica of me. Alexi undertakes some casting ritual and the guards appear to be panicking at this stage, but I tell them to “calm down, as the mage knows what he is doing”.

Realising that the draconian was over eager to give me that scarf I drop it but unfortunately its cursed power takes effect and I begin to choke. Luckily my amulet activates and I manage to expel the evil power. I tell everyone to avoid the scarf.
While I recover I here Quinn through the gem rallying the troops to repel the seeker fanatics.

I command from the front line – “Form Ranks!!” and tell the SGT to follow Karnak’s orders as Nessie pins down the attacking Seeker force with her BREATH WEAPON! She holds the Seekers for just enough time so that we are able to form up and prepare for their first wave. Just before the wave hits Tal says that the 50-60 troops are surrounded by a force of some 300 goblins! Where did this group come from? Falkner has been planning this for some time but we have no more time to think about this as the Seeker charge is impaled on our spear line. I blow my horn warning my allies of what I have found with a short my message. I also summon Lt Day and hopefully my warhorse as well as there are a few hundred goblins attacking the 50-60 troops outside the city.

“Holding the line at gate, Seekers attacking inside, goblins attacking the main gate (City Guard), Guards surrounded outside city, Lieut Day come to me’.

By staying at the gate for this battle I lead the defenders to victory over the Seeker troops that attacked us. I look to the wounded and prepare for another wave that does not come, Tal says that he can see Falkner outside the city standing with the two commanders of the attacking goblins. One is a mage and the other is probably a draconian or a cleric of evil for he remains cloaked. I now blow my horn again informing Alexi and Redegar that I have found Falkner.

We all hear Quinn’s message through the horn, except Caleb who is performing some kind of ritual on the body of the Late Lord John. As I’m about to ask him what he’s doing, suddenly a demon assassin appears behind Caleb and stabs him through the back. I see Caleb fall down with the giant blade sticking out. (GM not cool !!!) He collapses and the demon smirks at me and attempts to go invisible, but not before Redegar with his incredibly fast reflexes charges the demon and manages to swipe him once before he disappears. (GM: yes demon boy didn’t expect that!!) Luckily he managed to inflict a decent wound and there is now blood on the floor in a path showing the demon attempting to escape.

Sensing that something is not quite right, I hear Caleb cry out in pain and immediately charge in that direction and strike a blow against a dracanion that blends back in the shadows, disappearing right in front of me. I try to determine where he might go after he has made his presence known and use my speed to strike out blindly near the exit of the room. It is a difficult fight knowing that only blind luck is going to help me in this situation. But only with Alexi’s help in being able to identify where the assailants are in the room, am I able to dispatch them quickly. However, it was in that moment, that I truly understood how Lord Quinn worked many a miracle, in synergy with his mage brother, waiting for the right time to strike, but not before they had already killed a number of our guards.

Worried there might be more I cast true sight and I am correct there is another demon in the room over in the corner. What is also disturbing is that I sense the presence of 4 portals within the room that have become active, and something is attempting to come through. (GM: plans within plans… I keep telling you, maybe one day you will listen!! hehe) Having little time to respond I point out the location of the two demons to the others and activate my new spell spartial lock which nullifies any teleporting within the room. (GM: ok I hate this spell as much as “glitterdust”) I warn the others that I have nullified the portals (That no one else can see) and warn them I’ll have to focus on that and won’t be able to help much with the creatures.
Luckily Redegar with my direction dispatches both of the demons easily, we unfortunately lost 4 guards and now there are only Redegar, Balin, Lord John, 2 guards, Caleb (Who I managed to stabilize but is still weak) and myself. I order them all out of the room while I attempt to close the portals. I manage to gleam some information from studying them.
It seems they have been here for a while that is why I didn’t sense them earlier. They were well hidden until activated. There must be some mage of some power around here. I decide a dispel magic will be the most effective method and after casting it they all evaporate.

I check on Quinn’s status and it seems that he was victories in holding the front gate but unfortunately the army outside is still attacking the city guard that were sent to their slaughter.

I enquiry to Lord John if there is anything else nearby that I can use to scry for his mother and sister and he responds that his mother’s horse is in the stables nearby. I head there as I arrive I notice that the stable is empty of humans and it looks like one of the horses went full crazy and broke free of its corral and broke down two doors (zzz Quinn’s warhorse). I manage to draw the Lady’s mare away from the Lord’s stallion and as I’m about to attempt the scrying when two soldiers suddenly appear. They say they are under command of Lord Quinn from the front gate and have been ordered to take any horses back to the front. Sensing an opportunity for the new Lord John to become the true leader that I know he can be I tell them to take the horses and to take the Lord’s horse to the manor house for the Lord. They take the horses and head out.

I perform my scrying and can see the two ladies. They are inside a room inside the warehouse where the seekers were using as a base. I extend my vision to the main part of the warehouse and unfortunately I see something horrible.

There is a giant demon (Whom I eventually learn is a Demon Lord), he has been summoned into the warehouse where he is currently feasting on white and purple seekers. This did not bode well at all. I knew the Lord wished to come with us to rescue his mother and sister but knew that definitely wasn’t an option now. (GM: he would become a demon mcnugget!)

Also inside the warehouse I sense that Lon is hidden as well, I manage to send him a message and he responds with ‘Demon Lord has been summoned. Mentions Udoonin!! Demon Lord is eating people. I also manage to detect someone in an anti-magic shield. It must be the summoner!! (GM: you also got he is “shitting his shorts!!”)

I head back to the manor house where the Lord is assembled with Balin, his two remaining bodyguards, Redegar and Caleb. I manage to convey that the seriousness of the fight outside of town and tell Lord John that Redegar and myself will be the only ones to teleport in to try and get his mother and sister out, little if at all fighting will be required. A Strike force! (GM: I love this splitting the party stuff)

Balin had looked visibly worried about the Lord coming with us (I hadn’t even told them about the Demon Lord yet) and although he’s not happy he accepts that Lord John has made the decision to go to the front line where Quinn is waiting. Lord John sets off (now in his father’s armor) with Balin and his guards in toe to the front line.

After the clean-up, I get the troops together and we gather enough horses to prepare to launch a rescue mission on the besieged troops outside the city. During this time Lt Day arrives on a horse with my warhorse leading the way. Alexi lets me know that the young Lord John is on his way to help with the defence of his city – I will be able to use this to help cement his position as the new Lord of Korval and to help raise the morale of the cities defenders!

John Jr arrives just as we are almost ready to ride out and break the attacking goblinoids – I quickly adjust the plan and have John Jr lead the troops that will protect and guide the troops back to the city gates. I lead the others and do a swing by the bottom left corner of the attackers and they start to break. As I swing back around we notice that there are other attackers in the trees. I change the plan and have Karnack continue the attack and I swing back out to defend the left flank. Lt Day has ridden straight into the bottom flank of the goblins, loses his horse but continues to fight on! (GM: he wants the nightmare over!!)

The mage, cleric (GM: did I say he was a cleric !?!) and Falkner are overseeing the battle and as we attack the mage goes to attack us and Nessie attacks from the sun and keeps the mage busy. The cloaked figure motions and a goblin blows a horn four times and hill giants come out of the trees; I also blow my horn and this confuses the giants and they go back in the trees! They do it again and I blow my horn again for a fifth one and the giants do not come out. The cloaked figure finally sends a rider to get the giants to attack. We charge and break the attackers and eventually all make it safely inside the city. (GM: that was funny shit…. never depend on stupid giants!)

Lieutenant Day – I had to almost drag him from the field but he did his duty well and lived. He wants to die and even his talk of covering our retreat was just a way to end his life.
‘But my lord I can cover your retreat, I must atone.’ I replied, ‘In the eyes of Paladine you are redeemed. The line has been broken, you have crushed the enemies; Redemption is a slow process but you have started down it. I need you with me to continue the fight. Now you must live and come with me and we can save this city.’

Lieutenant Day finally hops on the back of my warhorse and we retreat back to the city. Lord John is safe but waiting at the gate to protect the troops. Lieutenant Day says, ‘My horse died. It was a good horse.’ It is all he says on the ride back into the city. The gates close and the giants are driven off. The attacking army breaks and the giants do our work for us – killing and eating goblins are they leave Korval.

“Lieutenant Day, due to your actions no lives were lost. You have started your redemption! Be happy with his for it is as Paladine wills!” Karnack screams to the greatness of Paladine like a good zealot. (GM: hehe)

We have runners go to the gate that leads to the ruined city and find out that all is safe on that front. I tell Lord John that I could not deliver the letter and tell him that he lead his people very well. He did exactly what was needed to cement his position as the new Lord of Korval. I do believe it was a special bonding moment between Lord John and myself.
Lord John also has the Captain placed third in charge of the cities defenders and then told to get some sleep! John says to all that ‘Lord Quinn is my 2nd‘until the Colonel is found and questioned. After this Karnak, Tiny, Lieutenant Day, Nessie and I make haste towards the warehouse. One good thing though, Day has managed to find some armour as well as another horse.

Redegar and I decide to teleport into the warehouse room to attempt to save the Lord’s mother and daughter. Caleb wants to come too but he is still too wounded. Instead he blesses Redegar’s weapon and I teleport us in.

We arrive inside the room and something is definitely wrong. There are five beings inside waiting for us. They salute and then attack. Three go after Redegar while two ‘mage types’ try to attack me. We avoid the attacks and I tell Redegar to get to the women.
He gets into position and I race over and as I’m about to teleport us all out I sense a block. There is an anti-teleportation spell emanating from the mother. (GM: ohh really!!!! wonder how that got there) I dispel it and attempt to get us out again. As soon as it is dispelled I sense that another spell activates from now the daughter!! (WTF). (GM:ohhh another… now that is just not fair!!?!!) This is a trap and I have walked right into it. Now having a chance to look around I see that each of the walls and roof are inscribed with runes. (Although my scrying was perfectly masked these runes would have amplified it to the point that someone knew exactly when I was viewing… (GM: you got it tonto!)

Taking a moment to think about the anti-teleport spell I realise that this spell would have required a willing participant to maintain the spell. These women are draconians. To confirm my suspicions I attempt to set off an AoE blast through the room. (GM: you may be slow but not entirely stupid!! hehehe)

Once again I have underestimated Udoonin. The leader of the 5 beings is able to reduce the effectiveness of my aura and unfortunately I do not have the time to overcome his powers. The aura still manages to stun the two women which proves they are draconians.
We manage to survive an another attack from the ‘sith’ but the situation doesn’t look good. Redegar is protecting me but we cannot hold out for long. I consider breaking a hole through the wall but with those runes I can guess what would happen. I decide on a less than humane approach and tell Redegar to kill the daughter draconian and that will break the spell. He heeds my words and kills the draconian with one blow. The draconian as it dies becomes the form of Redegar, reaffirming this was the best course of action. With the draconian dead the anti-teleportation field drops and I teleport us out. (GM: your lucky Redegar is as fast as he was.. and that he had an action point!)

Never before I had I seen the great mage Alexi bested or duped by the art of his own magic, but I was there and lucky for him, otherwise it could have been a different outcome. (GM: word dat!!) But by the fate of the gods or again by pure luck we survived a very dire situation. (GM: thanks to your action point!)

As the situation unfolded before us, we planned to rescue the young Lord’s family, with very little time to conceive all scenarios or consider contingencies, whilst Quinn and the remainder of the company were in the middle of their own battle, Alexi and I both knew we had to do something quick.

So the plan was simple enough, we would teleport in and grab the ladies while I held any enemies at bay, long enough for Alexi to teleport us all back to the Lord’s Hall. But the situation soon changed when we were confronted with 5 red robed warriors and their flaming swords all lined up in front of the only exit in the room and the two ladies strapped to chairs at the back.

Thinking this was to easy we both moved quickly to the ladies but Alexi was thwarted by his own magic and could not summon his magic as was repelled by some other magic force beyond my comprehension. This gave time for the red robed warriors to move on us swiftly and we fought for our lives, their hits crippling us with some energy or stamina draining ability. Alexi has hurting badly but he quickly considered the situation, and stated that the ladies were not real, but draconian shape changers again. I was weighing up our options and chances of survival when he suggested killing one of them, hoping it would disrupt the anti-magic that had prevented Alexi from casting before. I was quick with the kill and it worked, for Alexi was able to teleport us out of the room before the red robed warriors could advance any further against us. It was a time to lick our wounds and ponder how Alexi’s scrying abilities failed him, how this Udoonin had almost bested the great mage Alexi.

It was a trap designed particularly for me. Udoonin knew that I wouldn’t let those women die and he kept them alive until he knew that I had locked onto the location. They were then killed and the draconians took their place. How will I tell the Lord that I failed  I have once again let myself be overconfident, it would seem that I still have not learnt my lesson from my high sorcery test and it has costed us the lives of innocent people at this evil’s hand again. Although we are just trying to react to Udoonin I still underestimate him, I cannot let this happen again. (GM: excellent role playing… xp for you!!)

Redegar and I heal ourselves up and I send a magical message to Gadvin (Master Wizard Summoner) as I believe we are going to need his help. He acknowledges my message and tells me he has to discuss this with the council of three.

We head out to front of the warehouse where Quinn is waiting with the others. I tell him what has happened and the presence of the demon inside. We discuss various options and Lon is able to provide us some intel from inside. (The demon is still eating and waiting, the mage in the anti-magic shield is gone and so has Udoonin’s daughter!)

As we are discussing 5 mages arrive. (4 Red and 1 black). Gadvin, Valm Erik & 3 Red robes. I explain what is happening and that is when Gadvin confirms that he thinks he knows who this demon is, and that it is a Demon Lord. He asks us to wait while he gets some items and notes from back at the mage tower.

During this time Erik takes a moment to pull me aside and informs me that there are rumours at the tower. One of my new abilities and also that some of the black robes are upset and seeking revenge for me ‘leading them into a trap’. It seems now I have two reasons to head back to the tower after this, as I want to report the mage summoner who summoned this demon lord and to answer the rumours.

Gadvin returns and informs us that this demon although cunning is not exactly the ‘sharpest tool in the shed (how does that work in demon hierarchy I wonder)’. He has one greater scroll of banishment that will work but he’ll require a full minute to complete the process (10 rounds). The demon is resistant to magic and so will not consider Gadvin a threat but it will be up to us to keep the demon busy until this.

He orders the other mages back to the tower as they won’t be able to help but Erik remains (repaying a debt) and he will protect and move Gadvin out of harm’s way while we buy them time.

When discussing the demon Gadvin makes reference to ‘what has it consumed’. Thinking of the relic I get one of the guards to bring the old seeker out from the jail where he proudly tells me that the relic they had was a giant amulet that hung on the wall of the building. When he mentions the amulet Gadvin opens a book and shows an image. It turns out the amulet is actually the demon’s and if it is in the demon’s possession his power will be increased 10 fold. Having seen images of the demon inside I did not see the amulet. I quiz Lon about it and he tells me that the amulet was taken by Udoonin’s daughter when she teleported out. !! (Ooo diversion in the ranks woot) (GM: bloody bitch!!)
Taking the opportunity I scry for her and the amulet and they are both in the same location (In the mine at our family’s land). Getting more information from Gadvin, he confirms that to summon the demon they must have offered it something in exchange for its services and that amulet would have been the perfect item. With Udoonin’s daughter keeping it for herself they have probably double-crossed the demon! (Can we use that to our advantage)??

We agree on the plan to keep the demon occupied while Gadvin does his banishment.
He provides us with some fire resistant items that should help us again the demon.
We head into the warehouse where the Demon just looks at us (It licks its lips at Nessie). Lucky for us, it seems that ‘mundane’ attacks are more effective against it. Let’s hope we have enough to buy us the time.

Quinn, Alexi, Redegar, Karnak, Nessie, Day, Lon, Tiny, Gadvin & Erik (GM: oh its on!!!)

Attacking a Demon Lord… yes we have certainly bitten off more than we can chew this time. But we have to banish this beast from our world, or we will all be doomed, and all we have to do is keep it busy so the mage can complete his banishment ritual. This is insanity – what is wrong with Udoonin?!? These beasts will bring about the destruction of all life and will challenge the power of the Gods – the Dark Queen is a fool if she thinks to work with these creatures and not fall prey to them in the end! This is why we must win! (GM: good roleplay xp awarded)

In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined pitting myself against a Demon Lord of the Seven Hells, but entrenched in a company such as the might force that we could assemble, I was more than eager to do my part and write my own histories to honour the family name by participating in ridding the beast from Krynn.

We had helped the city over throw the usurpers, removed the threat of the seekers, given the young Lord his chance to truly take his place as rightful heir, but their remained this final threat of a Demon Lord that could grind the city into dust if let loose, which I couldn’t let happen under any circumstances. So with the strength of my axe, the power of my family totem spirit, I advanced on this great Demon Lord knowing that my time to die could be now, but at least I do it willingly. (GM: good roleplay xp awarded)

From the Journal of Quinn’s Warhorse
“Here I come to save the day!!” “out of my way bitches!”

From the Journal of a Demon
“mmm fresh meat!”

From the Journal of Someone
What have you done?!? Once the master finds out we are all undone! He must be informed!!! (choking noises…..) (gurgling noises) (a large thump on the ground)

From the Journal of Someone else
(spoken softly)…. fool…. what makes you think he doesn’t already know…..

From the Journal of Lon
“F#cking Demon!!!”

Sivaks, Demons and Dark Elves oh my!
32nd Session

From the Journals of Alexi & Quinn Goldenscale, Redegar Bloodaxe

I decide to impersonate the seeker lead and head to the warehouse where the four seeker priests (purple robes) are located. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince them to come back to the jail with me and then we can capture them. Lon and Tal are going to follow me in the shadow as I make my way through the town. (GM as if they would let you go off on your own!)
I proceed through town and luckily all the patrols seem to ignore me and I make my way to the warehouse district. As I approach the building where the clerics are based I sense a magical energy emanating from the building and it seems to sense my presence. I unfortunately cannot tell if it’s demonic or something else. (GM you sense Ju-Ju you just don’t know if it is good or bad Ju-Ju)
I alert Lon and he tells me we should go back to the jail. As we approach a main intersection Tal appears from the shadows and tells me he wants to go and see if he can get close to the manor house. He heads off. I am about to head towards the jail when I see a patrol coming towards me from the east. Taking the chance of hopefully getting a magical read on the red robed figures I decide to head down that path instead.
I walk past them and unfortunately I sense something but cannot work out what it is, I was hopeful, that I wasn’t detected while doing this. As I’m about to get 10 feet away, suddenly an arrow is fired (from Stealth Lon) at the red robed figure who had been reaching into his robes for his weapon (He had recognised something was wrong!). (GM of course, only you think you can act) We engage the red robe and 3 of his white robe mercenaries’. I take the opportunity to hopefully draw the patrols away from the manor house so I activate my radiant powers and set of a ‘ping’ on the west side of town away from the jail and the manor. The white robes are vaporised and the red robe recoils in pain. It however is not from the radiant light (meaning probably not demon or necrotic). We hear other patrols approaching, so I grab Lon and teleport us back to the jail. (GM exit, stage left!)

While Alexi is gone with Lon and Tal, I make sure that the Lieutenant is safe in his cell (for it will be some time before we can try again) and try to talk some sense into the ‘High Priest’ of the false Seeker gods. It is pointless – the fool is mad. I give a silent prayer to Paladine and await my brother’s return. (GM or is it a silent prayer to Paladine that your brother WILL return!)

I inform the others what has happened and its approaching dawn. The Sergeant reports many patrols heading towards the west of town leaving the manor house and surrounding areas relatively undefended. Quinn asks about Nessie and I manage to scry her location. She’s chained up in a set of stables near the manor house and the town square. (GM chained like a dog!!) I teleport us there, where we dispatch two red robes and several white robes. During the fight Quinn shield bashed one of the red robes and its appearance of a human disappeared and instead we discover that it is a Sivak! (GM when Quinn did that he feels a jolt through his shield arm)
Quinn does it to the other one and it also is a Sivak (It turns into a corpse of Quinn as he had killed it). (GM sexy!)

With the Seeker army appearing to be more powerful than it looks, we decide that we will need all the help we can get. Where is Nessie? Alexi quickly scry’s her location and we are teleported to the stables she is chained in. We quickly dispatch the red and white robe followers, but soon discover the secret behind the Seekers! The Red Robe ‘clerics’ are nothing more than Sivak Draconians!! (GM duh duh duuuuh!) After they die (looking like whoever killed them) I touch them with the Shield and they revert to their true appearance. This might work out well for us… Nessie is so very pleased to see me and is looking forward to some payback! We also wonder what Tal is up to as we have not seen him in some time.

It was when we were fighting the Red Robed clerics in the town of Korval that I learned that the evil and chaos of things was truly beyond my understanding. Demons in the form of men, these “Sivaks” that could change their appearance, like the ancient Irda. How could, the world as we know it, become the playground for these atrocities. How would humankind and the goodly races combine to defeat the rising surge of these demons and evil dragon armies? (GM that is a good question) All I know is that as I stood staring at the creature that I had just killed, a blank and pale face that mirrored my own, I knew in my soul that the resistance and purging must start with us. Seeing Quinn and Alexi combating these foes as if it was everyday occurrence, reinforced my beliefs in ridding this evil from our lands. (GM good roleplaying) I truly believe that the strength and combination of this company, the bond of these brothers, and however great or small my part will be, could turn the tide and unite the goodly races in resistance to the growing threat. (GM Redegar has discovered a new milestone… See character sheet)

We begin to wonder what Falkner’s involvement with the Dragon Army is and how deep this betrayal goes. While we are discussing this Lon has gone out to scout and reports from the top of the stables that there seems to be a congregation of townspeople outside the manor and it looks like they are getting ready to execute by hanging some people (Including Tal!!).
Deciding the best course of action is to expose Falkner for his treachery I teleport us all into the centre of the town square between the town and the presiding officials. (GM the forward approach)

The brothers companion Lon advises the group that there appears to be a large gathering in the town square, where the Lords and Marshals have setup public executions. The brothers talk and are keen to remove this threat in the city as quickly as possible. I will never understand the way of human politics, but listening to the Goldenscale brothers tell the story of the treachery and deception of what this Falkner fellow has been trying to do in the city, I agree with their assessment that he needs to be exposed and dealt with swiftly. I ready my axe, willing to do my part for the greater good, as we are teleported by Alexi to the town centre. (GM putting it another way… Your ready to kill s#it)

Immediately we see that it is John Jr who is here and he looks visible distraught. We eventually learn that his father is dead and that the men being executed are responsible and that they serve the Lord Hargoth. We manage to free Tal and he reports that to us that something is wrong and that the Lord Hargoth would never have given such a command to assassin the Lord. (GM as far as he knows anyway…) We attempt to convince the Lord’s son of this deception.

Our appearance at the hanging stops what would have led to the death of innocence (well except for maybe Tal) (GM ha! Quinn is not so naive anymore) and I try to convince John Jr that Falkner and the Seeker troops are really in league with the draconian armies! The benefit of the doubt is with us as we have one of the Red Robes that I killed and it looks just like me. I touch the Shield to the corpse and it changes in front of everyone to the Sivak. This helps to quell the fighting and Redegar stops the executioner from killing Tal or the other prisoners. Falkner flees and I say that this only proves his guilt in the eyes of Paladine; the Blessing of Paladine was FINALLY with us! (Talk about bad rolls before that!). We manage to get all the prisoners freed and head back to the manor house of the young Lord to make sure his Father is truly dead, or just a trick by Falkner. Unfortunately the old Lord, John Snr is dead and there is nothing I can do… but our actions spoke volumes and John Jnr, the new Lord of Korval believes us. Now to find Falkner…. (GM nice work)

Upon entering the town centre, I use intimidation and fear on the executioner and guards to make them refrain from any advancement against the group and prisoners, giving Alexi & Quinn the opportunity to convince the young Lord about the lies and deceit of Falkner. I hold the guards at bay, whilst observing the large Master at Arms at the rear of the group, who I can tell is ready to strike if required at the behest of the Lords command.
Quinn is able to convince the Lord and expose Falkner and Seeker group for what they really are, when Falkner commands his followers to attack us while he flees. Quinn and I work together to kill the Sivaks and Red Robes which reinforces our arguments in the young Lords eyes. (GM but Falkner lives!!!!!)

While Quinn and Redegar dispatched the mercenaries and Sivaks surrounding the main party I used my magic to keep the townspeople back and the reinforcing mercenaries away).
Falkner flees and the Lord’s son is visible confused and upset. I explain that these Sivaks can take on the appearance of the person who killed them and that the body of his father may be a ruse. He takes us back to the manor house where he shows us the body of the supposed assassin and the lord. Tal confirms he’s a spy for Lazarus but that he had no killing training and is essential just a spy. I examine the body of the lord and attempt to hopefully remove the disguise of the Sivak. Unfortunately I sense no magic and it looks like this might actually be the body of the Lord John. Quinn tries with his shield as well but unfortunately nothing seems to work.
John Jr although devastated by our failure seems to believe our sincerity and instructs his guards to find Falkner and bring him here.
I attempt to try and scry for the Lord but unfortunately I have never met him before and can only use this body as a representation and I am unable to locate him if he is alive.
We discuss between us what to do next.

I think Alexi should scry for Falkner – we need to finish this now and return to Hargoth and then travel to Whitestone without the GM putting XP carroty things in our way!! hehe. (GM good luck with that)

From the Journal of Lon
F#ucking Sivak Human thingies…….

From the Journal of Lt Day
(spoken softly in Solamnic over and over) “corruptio optimi pessima”

From the Journal of <someone>
I had it all in the palm of my hand, but those Hargothians with one strike have taken it away! Dam them to the gods! <turns> seems you get your wish my dark friend, there is no point in holding off now….. Do your masters bidding….unleash your might!!!

From the Journal of <someone>
<pointing> Strength does not come from physcial capacity, it comes from an indomitable will…..and you should know that boy, its what you were taught" (the boy’s reply follows) let us see old man…. You DIE FIRST!!!

The Trial of Radiant
31A Session

From the Journal of Alexi Goldenscale:

I arrive in the tower’s teleporting room after deciding to report in and check on the progress of the rescued mages and to report the actions of the renegade mage who summoned the now vanquished demon. Gadvin explains that he will go and summon the mages and that we should be on ready when they call.

I take the opportunity to thank Erik again for coming to help and he reiterates that he is just trying to repay his debt. I had been considering this for a while and I understand that his choice to help me must be making him incredibly unpopular with his fellow black robes and I do not wish that on him. He had made a mistake and while the information is valuable I would much rather he willing provide the information then for me to hold over the deal that LaDonna and I have made. I inform him that I am releasing him from my agreement with LaDonna and that I thank him for everything and hope that we could someday become friends. (He has been one of the more friendlier mages than most and that’s saying something as he’s a black robe). He seems shocked and confused but I assure him that I feel correct in the decision. He eventually nods and heads off.

Feeling good about clearing that up I head over to Montague to see if he has any new information on the Staff or the ‘Mordor’ weapons. He’s delighted to see me and he explains that he does actually have some news on the ‘Mordor’ weapon. It seems that another mage – Raistlin – has found an another cleric who managed to create this divine powered liquid that when poured on a ‘Mordor’ weapon causes it to disintegrate. (Very useful!). He understand that I also have a cleric companion and he is interested in gaining some more vials of the liquid. I decide to keep my ability to probably create this liquid myself from him until after I have had a chance to talk to the council. But it certainly is interesting, and I’m glad that we at least have a way to neutralize them. I agree that I will take the special empty vials that he has to Caleb soon and can hopefully provide him with some more samples. I also talk to him about a theory I have on the staff of the beyond. I explain that Udoonin’s plan depends on the Night of the Eye and I believe that at that point his powers will be at their fullest. As we know the staff has been gaining in power also so I ask him if he can investigate if the staff will also reach that point on the Night of the Eye. He seems intrigued and immediately heads off to test my hypothesis.

As I leave Montague I head back to my room to relax for a moment and I can hopefully find out if Timothy is back. Upon arriving I notice that there is a magical message for me. Its from Timothy! He’s found another lead on the eggs and that he tells me that Talia is currently based at the mage shop in Hargoth and that I should see her for additional details. (It seems he could not say everything he wanted to know and hopefully Talia will have some additional information which could be helpfully).

I am treated to the usual high standard of food and drink and eventually after a two hour wait I am called into the Hall of Magus. Upon entering I am immediately on alert. (GM: it was very quiet) While it is a full conclave there are others present. Of the conclave all seven white robes, seven red robes and one black robe are present. (Alexi: I recognise the Black Robe as Fiovante Gul’dan – the one black robe that remained at the tower. (GM: seems he was the smart one!) I had met him before in the dining hall and he was less than civil to me – He looks extremely smug). There is also an audience of mages. That is extremely rare for the conclave to conduct an open session. (GM: they are all just stickybeaks)

I am ushered to a seat in the centre of the hall. Once arrived Par-Salian stands up and welcomes everyone to this open conclave session. He summarizes recent events (Alexi: Emphasises my ‘heroic’ deeds : (GM: there is no lying, but he is making sure the hall truly knows what you have managed to do……. really it was all summed up in one sentence.. “Alexi just followed his brother around while he killed s#it”……… j/k :P)

‘For the record we must discuss your recent actions while the council thanks you for your forbearance and bravery in saving over thirty of our brothers and two of the council members and I speak for the three of us and that we owe you a debt of gratitude’.

It would seem I’m on trial.) (GM: bet your white skirts you are!!!)

I take the chance to see if I can insight how this situation is going over with the members. Unfortunately most of the white robes are unreadable except for the brothers that look visible irate. Out of the red robes only Justarius is showing emotion and he is extremely angry.

Par-Salian takes the time to provide an update on the missing black robe council members and I am extremely relieved that they are all recovering. (Alexi: LaDonna, Sirius the Black, Golgomath Filius, Taiadal Ondoren (Elven Male) & Circle (Female). I believe Maji-Andres is either corrupted or destroyed). Par-Salian was interrupted several times by Fiovante, trying to get Par-Salian to hurry up the proceeding. (GM: he wants to get to the good bits)

After finishing Par-Salian sits down and nods to a trio of mages that are separate from the witnesses. The white robe stand and comes to the centre of the room. She introduces herself as the Magi Inquistoris (Alexi: Violetta Jayde), and her red & black robe companions as the Magi Inquistori and that they are leading the proceedings here. (GM: all three have a red, white and black sash) She takes the time to explain the laws of the mages, including the laws laid down by Solinari, Lunitari & Nuitari, as well as the later extraordinary addendums that were added, including the allowance of mages to use daggers.

While she is discussing this I finally realise what she is getting at. The combination of arcane/divine has never actually been outlawed by the conclave. While it is considered taboo by the wizards of high sorcery they have never had to rule on a case. This will be a precedent for any future mages that attempt to do what I have done. (GM: very good… that is exactly what she was saying…. without actually saying it :P)

She finally gets to the point and says that I should consider myself on trial here. There has been an accusation made that I have moved away from the ways and teachings of the Laws of High Sorcery and have been branded a possible renegade. (Alexi: It’s clearly evident that Fiovante is the one that has orchestrated this trial).

Violetta begins with a series of questions:
Q. Is your power not purely arcane now?
A. That is correct.
Q. How is that so?
A. I explain the entire back story of how I took up the Radiant Mantle, including the conference with the gods of light.
(Alexi: After mentioning the conversation between the Gods of Light, many seem sceptical, especially Fiovante, and he demands proof).

I show them the holy symbol amulet given to me by Solinari that shows I have his blessing with these new powers. Violetta takes the amulet examines it and shows it to the other council members. The others seem convinced of my story but Fiovante pushes the issue:
FIovante: This is a very amusing story but it is not relevant to the charges in that this mage has broken our law:

One of the brothers from the White Robe council interjects and tries to shame Fiovante by pointing out that my actions saved his fellow black robes. (GM: put him back in his box) After this comment there are cat-calls from the audience and it takes some time before Par-Salian restores order.

Violetta asks me to continue with my story and I explain about what I have discovered after penetrating the door, beneath the ruined library in Korval. I am about to explain about what I saw when Pyotr (Old White Beard) interrupted (Alexi: He usually looks like he’s asleep :O) and asked me to explain. I tell him that I penetrated the door and discovered that the library was built by an Irda mage. He stops me and whispers to Par-Salian. Par-Salian nods his head and states to room that from now on the council session will be closed.

He waves his hand and the witnesses and gallery of mages disappear and remains only the council members and the inquistori. Pyotr asks me several questions about this area and I explain we penetrated the door but Udoonin dug from the dark underneath the structure where it was not protected. He laughs and comments that for all the Irda’s power didn’t think to protect the flooring. He nods back to Violetta and the questions continue. I explain about the teleportation circle found in the Irda’s sanctum and that it leads the user to the location of where they can gate into the Lost Citadel during the Night of the Eye. That causes another uproar that takes a while to settle. (GM: more like .. WTF!!!)
I explain that we discovered Scorpius and teleported down into the dark where we rescued him. I then detail how we reached the ziggurat and set off the explosion, and how we proceeded to rescue the mages.

Fiovante is still being annoying and is disbelieving. I offer for Montague to examine my Orb that contains my memories as well as those of Udoonin & Castor. (Alexi: He practically jumps out of his seat – Eyes like Pinwheels!!) Fiovante tries to bring the focus back onto me by stating that I was the one that requested that the mages collect the Dragon Eggs. Eventually I blurt out that I would never have requested the mages go into the dark if I had known it was a trap. The question is asked how I discovered that it was a trap and ……. (Alexi: Shitstorm incl). (GM: I’d call that opening the magical Pandora’s box!)

I explain that the Gods of Light told me, and Violetta and the rest of the council looks confused/alarmed and asks me to elaborate. I explain that the Gods of Light (Minus Solinari) discovered the trap and decided it was for the ‘greater good’ to let events happen as they may. ‘Yes they were prepared to let the black robes mages die and that the weakened black robe faction would be to their advantage. Both Solinari and I disagreed with them, especially after I discovered that Udoonin could corrupt them and create an army at his command.
(Alexi: That did not go over well at all, there was outrage all around).

I draw their attention to the information I discovered about the demon and show them that one of our brethren betrayed us. I ask Gadvin to provide his knowledge and he confirms that there are perhaps six mages including himself that could have summoned that demon and after my further questioning he confirms that of the six, the four black robes and himself were all present at the tower at the time of its summoning. The one remaining black robe was Jark (the half-orc magi). I explain that it was him who has forced the Irda to help the dragonarmy for whatever reason and it was him that betrayed his black robe brethen to Udoonin. I explain that he tried to hide his presence while I was scrying but he was unable to hide his fear (when Udoonin’s daughter took the amulet). Gadvin confirms my finding and Violetta agrees that the matter shall be investigated.

While Fiovante (Who has become a bit less annoying) is attempting to bring the matter back to me there is eventually a strong female voice from the darkness ‘SILENCE’, and LaDonna comes forward supported by an acolyte. She takes her seat and confirms all of what I have said. ‘Nuitiri spoke to me and confirmed it all’. She explains that through my actions I have saved the spark of magic. ‘The truth is no one can control Udoonin. He has passed beyond. Brothers and Sisters, all Udoonin requires is a patron or a source. He has chosen the demons. If he makes that pact and has a source he will be unstoppable’
She turns to Par-Salian. ‘I would like to bring a proposal to the council that the matter of Alexi Goldenscale’s renegade status be decided by the heads of order and not by the full council’. Before anyone can say anything else, Justarius raises his hand and votes approval, and with Par-Salian’s hand raised the other council members disappear and all that remains is the council of three and Violetta. (GM pretty neat trick that !!)

Par-Salian sits down and he apologizes for the dramatic situation that I had found myself in and all three of them vote to rescind my renegade status (GM they do it as a formality) – they say my new powers are a ‘Gift of the Gods’. He explains that it was unsure how a full council vote would lead hence this option was taken. Par-Salian explains that he understands why I have done what I did and that it is now up to me to handle Udoonin while the mages regroup.

I make the point of telling them of the warning the Gods of Light told me that could happen with this power. 1) That I have also taken down the path to the prophecy through my death and resurrection and 2) That my powers are such that I could become the next King Priest if I was to abuse it. Violetta steps in at that point and states that although the council has approved my status she will be monitoring me thoroughly from now on as is her task. I appreciate her candid statement and agree with her assessment. (GM: seems she has some power outside the normal council)
LaDonna goes on to explain that the due to my actions there has been a lot of unrest within the remaining black robes, ‘regardless of what others say, your sacrifice is known to us and we are grateful for what you have done’.
She also warns me that members of the black robes may have put a dark mark out on me and to be ever vigilant when I return to the outside.
I warn them that the teleporting circle is the actual location for this Night of the Eye that is happening in 3 weeks that Udoonin is going to use to teleport into the lost Citadel, for what purpose I’m not sure yet. They explain that they have been searching for the lost citadel and many of the previous masters have searched for it. ‘We believe we are getting close but we agree with you, and that somehow Udoonin will get there’.
I question whether we can seal up the passages and Par-Salian says that will take some study but at the moment they are worried about sending their brothers and sisters anywhere near the place.
He moves onto other pieces of business. I have gained the new rank – Mage of the 5th Order, reward for my deeds. He explains that although they don’t need Montague’s report on the orb that they are very interested to see what events have happened. I tell them the password for the door and they caution me about telling anyone else.
They inquiry as to what I intend to do next and I explain that I definitely believe Udoonin will have to turn up at Sancrist to grab the Dragon-orb, especially if that Ziggurat’s necrotic energy was part of his power base (Alexi: He’ll need more power). (GM: they tend to agree it is very likely) They confirm on me the status of Ambassador and stipulate that I can act on behalf of the mages (GM actually what they said was "you can act on behalf of the “council” ) and that they are willing to enter into an alliance but only if the other races can unite. (Alexi: Usual proviso, to be ratified by them).

I mention that it might be worth focusing our efforts on fighting the dragonarmy and that may cause them to withdraw their support from Udoonin (If they even are still allied). They say they will take it under advisement.
They are also concerned about the explosion that happened in the dark and whether an unstable demon gate has been opened. They ask for ideas and I tell them I should be able to convince the Lord of Haergoth to issue patrols around the area. The order me to set that up straight away.
I ask if they have contacted Whupus and they say that several attempts have been made but he has been silent…

I take the opportunity to request that grant me leave to use the staff of the beyond for the period up to the Night of the Eye. I can tell Par-Salian and Violetta are weary but I explain to them that Udoonin has a back-up plan for everything but he has exerted a great deal of power on this plan with the demon. If we had not vanquished it, it would have taken the mages and other powers a great deal of power, effort and resources to contain it and Udoonin would be able to operate openly. He would expect the council to give me the staff because it is something that you would never willingly do.

At this point Montague comes into the chamber and confirms my theory that the staff will reach critical level on the Night of the Eye. I explain to them that I have already managed to activate its power once and that this is our last chance to stop Udoonin. If he gets to the Citadel of the Three, he will have the power and knowledge he needs to complete this prophecy and we wont be able to stop them them.

LaDonna stands up suddenly and turns to the others. She says that due to a conflict the black robes will be abstaining from the measure that she will leave up the decision to Par-Salian and Justarious. With that she is supporting by an acolyte who leads her out. I take a moment as I’m shocked at what has happened and I can tell that none of us were expecting that.

Justarius chooses to express his opinion that he thinks the proposal is worth considering and although Par-Salian is originally surprised he eventually considers it as well. (While talking between themselves they mention something about forging another weapon – but I do not know what they are referring). Finally after discussing the situation Par-Salian and Justarius agree to my proposal and will grant me leave to wield the staff for a period up to a week past the Night of the Eye. If the staff is not returned after that the consequences will be dire.

Leaving the council elated, Montague takes me back to his room where he hands me the staff and explains what he has learned so far.

+5 Staff Implement, Enhance Attack & Damage Rolls, Critical d10
Force Power (Daily) – Use power when force keyboard – slide target 5 squares
Radiant spells channeled through the staff are amplified.

With the staff in hand and the knowledge that I have three weeks before this is decided I teleport out of the tower back to Korval.

A Brother from another Mother (Part 2)
31st Session

From the Journal of Alexi & Quinn Goldenscale and Redegar Bloodaxe:

I alert Caleb to go tell Redegar and Tiny that the creatures might not be able to fight in the light and that we need them back here.
He heads off and eventually all three return.

Tiny and I move to engage against the well armoured and cloaked figures, with shinning swords, when Caleb calls out for our help back in the other room and that these creatures maybe afraid of the light. I give the signal to Tiny to fall back and we regroup in the cavern, to assist Alexi with the fallen mages.

Alexi advises that we need to evacuate the area as quickly as possible, because of some explosion that is imminent (what has the mage done now……..). (GM yep, its always the mages) I grab LaDonna and follow the group through the caverns, led by the Githyanki, towards where the other mages are being held captive.

I try to call out to Scorpius to tell him we need to go and he turns looks at me, slyly smiles and runs down a passage…. Bastard…. What is he trying to do?!?!? (GM: it was the sly smile with the evil grin… hehehe)
I turn and attack Ergoyptis with my colour spray and as the cone effect hits him it also seeps into the crack in the ziggurat, I sense that my radiant power has reacted with the necrotic energy…. Oh oh…. I sense a reaction within the ziggurat… it’s going to explode!! We have 1 minute to get out of here. I warn the others that we have to evacuate now!
Quinn, Lon and the Githyanki slay Ergopytis and they hurry over quickly (after grabbing a trophy), while Tiny and Redegar have grabbed Justarius and LaDonna and we head back the way we came to collect the rest of the mages.

I explain what is going to happen and Quinn reminds me that there is a giant portal in that room that Redegar and Tiny have just came from…. OH OH… I originally thought the explosion would just ruin the main chamber and the surrounding rooms (so we would be safe at where the mages are being held) but if that portal explodes it will extend further and encompass everything within 1 mile! (GM: BOOM!!!!)

Worried that we might have to fight any dark elf forces nearby I yell out in ‘dark elf’ telling everyone to get away, hopefully clearing the area. We head down the passage towards the other mages and we enter a large chasm.

Finally Ergopytis is slain and trophies are taken – the githyanki is extremely pleased with his. I notice that the stream of necromantic energy is on fire. This cannot be a good thing, and then Alexi says it is going to explode! Um what about the power circle to the north passage? (GM: takes a knight to make the mage remember that!!) It is now a mad dash through the Underdark to get to the prison where the mages are before everything explodes! Well, I got my wish for blowing everything up; just not the way I planned it… Alexi fills me in on Scorpius – the man ran away from us?!? What was he up to? Of course the truth that he was an Irda fits when we realise all that has happened and he \ it was there to get something else altogether different.
We are not stopped by anyone (or anything) on the way to the mages, but with the use of the lance and the shining light of Paladine we can see the mages and also what is wrong with them. Most are in various stages of ‘corruption’ but a few have stood tall and resisted Udoonin’s evil! Alexi manages to break the barrier holding us back and we are all teleported back to the hidden complex below the library! (GM: without the lance, you think the mages that were corrupted would have attacked)

Towards the back are approximately 30 mages. 1 white robe, 2 red robes, the rest are black robes.

They each seem to be in different stages of necrotic ‘Udoonin’ corruption. I eventually discover that this method of corruption depends on the willpower and the submission of the corrupted. The white robe, the two red robes and two of the black robes seemed to be less affected but most of the black robes shy away from Quinn’s Paladine Radiant light.
Knowing we don’t have much time I get the others to gather up the mages while I break the barrier around this room so I can teleport us all out. Eventually I break the barrier and with 6 seconds to spare before the explosion I manage to teleport everyone out back into the room underneath the library. (GM: close… very close)

I get the others to sort the corrupted into groups where I will go ahead and ‘Radiantate’ them. I tell the white robe the password for the uber secure door and Tiny and Lon go and alert the city that we have returned.

Upon reaching the open and expansive cavern, where the mages are, I get the feeling that something is not quite right with the mages who are shying away from Quinn’s radiant light source. Alexi advises that they have been experimented upon and corrupted with the foul work of this Udoonin. Never have I witnessed such a blight on the faces of these poor souls. I can empathise with Alexi as he does everything he can to save all of his magekin friends from the fate they must be suffering.(NB This does not mean that I like mages other than in the context that I would do everything in my power to save my kin if I had had the chance) (GM: you respect Alexi trying to save his people, as you would try and save yours)

Alexi uses his innate magic to transport all of us, including the mages to a room within a large building (I know not where) and help maintain order with the mages while Alexi goes about defeating or cleansing the blight on each of the mages.

I proceed to remove the corruption from the mages. It takes me over 8 hours! We had an unfortunate incident where three of the infected tried to destroy us all by setting off the mana-mithril implanted in their body (Alexi: Suicide Bomber!!). We manage to incapacitate two but the one that gets impaled on the githyanki’s sword is about to die (which would cause the explosion). I manage to put a resilient sphere around him which contains the blast. (GM: he was called Osama)

During this time we notice that Lon and Tiny haven’t returned!! Quinn goes out and investigates.

While we wait I notice that neither Lon nor Tiny have returned. Using the gem I speak to the Lon and find out that Tiny was grabbed and taken prisoner by men of the watch!?! What is going on now? Lon proceeds to investigate but does tell us that the mountain range to the north has collapsed – the ziggurat and who knows what else has been destroyed. A small victory but a victory none that less; I fill everyone in on what is happening above in the city and will have an update once Lon has finished scouting.
Quinn relays what he has discovered and Lon is going to investigate where our men have gone!

I teach the white robe and the red robes how to nullify the mana-mithril and we manage to heal all the other mages.

I manage to get a chance to talk with Justarius about Scorpius and he tells me that Scorpius came down with them when they came to collect the eggs… (Alexi: WTF then who has been trying to get into this cache?? – some other ‘red robed figure’). (GM: the plot thickens)

The mages prepare to leave LaDonna is extremely weak – (Alexi: I hope I managed to free her from all the corruption!! I have become so paranoid, but hopefully this act was something Udoonin didn’t anticipate), before they leave Justarius talks to me and he thanks me and my companions for saving them. ‘Going above and beyond, to protect the spark of magic!’ He tells me that I should come to the tower when I can ‘we have much to discuss’. (Well they know I’m something else, hopefully my goodwill will prevent my execution!). (GM: keep hoping that!!)

They leave and we decide to investigate this area further, while waiting for Lon to return. We head down the path and it finally leads to an open area with a massive hole in the middle (created – not dug like the dark elf ones). There appears to be writing on the wall and eventually someone looks up and points out there is lots of writing on the roof! While Caleb and I try to decipher the words (I use my comprehend language ritual), Quinn and Redegar investigate down the other passage.

The passage past the circular room that Alexi was so excited about lead to a strange passage that gave off a red glow. The area covered 10 feet and Redegar and I knew there was magic involved. On the wall near us was a symbol and we looked at the symbol, looked at the walls and floor of the ‘red’ area and agreed on the following:-
• The red area was a magical heat trap. Step through that and you were dead!
• The symbol next to us was the controlling mechanism and touching it was a bad idea.
• Best to leave it up as it blocked this side of the passage from unwelcome guests.
• Who needs Alexi when a Knight and Barbarian can do his job (high five!). (GM: yep nothing to this mage stuff)

I eventually decipher the text and holy flapping duck shit batman it’s IRDA!! Ancient writing that has an activation rune. One piece of the text seems to be a guide to doing something on the Night of the Eye. I eventually learn the centre hole becomes a teleportation portal that will take you to a certain place in Krynn that would allow the user to create a link to the Lost Citadel!! (!!!!!!!!). (GM: pretty cool huh?)

(From what I know of the Lost Citadel – The place where the gods of magic taught the first sorcerers the magic of high sorcery. The mages were there for 100+ years where eventually they returned to Krynn to train other mages. The Lost Citadel was removed from the world and the gods of magic made a decree that no mage was ever to set foot in it again). (GM: this is what you would have learnt when you were an apprentice studying)

From what I discover there are several locations on Krynn, that on the Night of the Eye, one of these will allow a person to create a portal to the Lost Citadel. I check where the next location is and unfortunately it seems that from this teleporting circle you can go directly into the lost citadel from here.

That is what Udoonin is waiting for!!!! He’s going to enter the Lost Citadel from here when the Night of the Eye happens in 3 weeks! (Alexi: Need to report this to the mages ASAP!!!)
The others return and I explain to them about how this seems to be an ancient Irda’s cache of knowledge. When I mention Irda, Redegar mentions that his clan had made a pact with a group of Irda in legend.

When Alexi informs me that this is an ancient Irda area of knowledge, I recall back to when I’ve heard of this ancient race before. I remember a pact that was made between the Irda within the Vinguard mountains and our clan may years ago, of which I have limited knowledge other than what our clan shaman has shared through stories, telling of how they can shape change and take the form of any living thing.

I suggested to Alexi that maybe Scorpius is an Irda on the premise that if his mage friend was not acting as himself then maybe it was not him at all and could have been a shape changer or have similar magic like the hat he wears on his head to change himself.
This realisation appears plausible to Alexi as he thinks through the theory and the final actions of Scorpious while down in the cavern.

When Redegar mentioned his theory of Scorpius being an Irda it seems to be the most conceivable situation. What was his purpose and his objective down in the Dark I suppose we’ll find out later (as I believe he knew that the Ziggarut was going to explode and I assume he managed to get away! I also realised that the magic he was casting while under the mindflayer’s control was Irda magic! (Alexi: Why didn’t I see it before!!) (GM:because you sux)

While examining the ancient script I also see that within its ‘database’ are ancient places of power. I search for the Knight’s place of power and it shows me an image of a ruined temple. It seems to be south of our location (South of the River of Healing Temple!). Although I know the location it looks to be extremely well hidden and I think it would be almost impossible to actual try and travel to the place to look for it. I believe with some additional study I might be able to activate the teleport circle to take us there. (GM: yes that is true, but would take quite a bit of study and will be dangerous to do on map sight alone)

We eventually hear back from Lon and it seems that Quinn’s men have been arrested. The city guard force seems to have been sent out of the main city to the ruined city and have camped out of the library. From what Lon says it seems the entire City guard force is out here!! (Who’s guarding the city?!?!). (GM: dragonarmies maybe??)

Lon is currently watching from the temple watching the City Guard. We fill him in what we have discovered so far and he explains that he’s not sure where Tiny has been taken. I use my orb to scry for Karnak and I see he’s being tortured, by a man while a seeker cleric tries to get him to ‘repent’. Karnak seems resolute. I explain what I saw and confirm that I can teleport us there. Quinn agrees and we teleport into the cell where Karnak is being tortured.

Quinn and Redegar immediately intervene and we free Karnak (Quinn doesn’t show much mercy).
We rescue Tal as well and he finally explains what he was sent here to do (I can’t actually remember but it was something to do with the Irda :O). (GM: he says he is looking for an “item” some powerful Irda magic)

With the truth of the ‘Place of Paladine’ located, we being to prepare for what is happening in the city. I communicate with Lon and find out that the members of the Watch are standing guard around the library. They are led by a Lieutenant and are ready for anyone that should leave the hidden entrance. Our friends are held prisoner in the dungeon area of the jail. This will not do at all! Alexi says he can teleport us there and so after making sure the Mages are on their way back to the tower we appear as a group and quickly take control of the dungeon and rescue our friends.

What we then discover about the Seeker’s and the ‘mercenaries \ followers’ is not good. The watch is all out in the ruined city watching for our return, while the seeker followers patrol the city. The Lord has not been seen for some time and it seems that Falkner has taken control of the city. The dog shall be punished for his crimes.
The seekers are an abomination that must be destroyed and wiped from the face of Krynn! We need to make contact with the leader of the Watch and use them to help us rescue the Lord and his family.

When Quinn receives word from Lon that his other friends are held prisoner, I am more than willing to aid them in freeing his comrades from the oppressors of the city. It would appear to me that some sort of political uprising is occurring and his friends are caught right in the middle of it. (GM: plus you get to kill s#it, which is always nice….)

Alexi teleports us into the dungeon where a Chief Seeker is enforcing his own form coercion and torture on Karnak (friend of the Goldenscale brothers) and Quinn and I move to intervene. We get him to back down and move away from Karnak, and I stand by the Seeker making sure he answers all of the questions the brothers have on why the Seekers are in the city.

Eventually by talking to the sergeant in charge of the jail and the seeker cleric we discover that it seems that Falkner is in charge (supposedly with the Lord’s wishes) and he has sent the city guard (loyal to the Lord) into the ruined city while Falkner’s personal force and ‘seeker followers’ are patrolling the city. From what we learn from the seeker cleric he was sent here to gather followers and managed to get 4 lesser clerics who have managed to accumulate a large amount of followers. From Lon’s description of them it seems that Falkner has brought in mercenaries disguised as converts. We theorise that he was going to use this force to save the city from the goblins but due to our actions he’s taken the opportunity to use them for a coup. It’s the seeker force that seems the most dangerous. Quinn believes that we need to reach the captain who’s in charge of the city guard and get them back into the city. (We learned from the sergeant that the Colonel (from the militia – Colonel Timms) (GM: thats correct, from the militia, not the army) came and gave orders to the city guard (He also approved the request for the seeker cleric torture, but he was told to wait!). Unusual but he’s probably in Faulkner’s pocket. We come up with a plan (I’ll disguise myself as the seeker cleric and bring the four ‘seeker cleric minions’ back here where we can find out what information they have. While this is going on Quinn goes and speaks with Lieutenant Day. I’m not fully aware what happens but hopefully Quinn manages to reach him.

As we make plans to leave I must do something that will either break or heal Lieutenant Day. It was not something that I was looking forward to but it had to be done as he is a good soldier and Hargoth will need him in the days ahead.

The conversation with Day is hard as he wants to die as he cannot stand the voices in his head and continually blames himself for the evil Udoonin brought forth with in him. Caleb watches on and after 15 mins, Day falls quiet, but not healed… I failed to truly heal him, but Caleb says progress has been made for now he sleeps, but we will have to go through the process again and again. Caleb might be able to help but not here. I want to take Day to the Temple in the ruined city; it is a place of goodness now and perhaps there Caleb and I might be able to increase his chances of getting better. (GM: Caleb is not certain Day can be fully healed…. But agrees the temple may be a good idea…put it on the list)

But first the seeker followers and Falkner must be dealt with! (GM: i smell combat!! Woohoo!!)

From the Journal of Caleb
I can see Quinn’s pain at what has happened to Lt Day. This is a very difficult situation and I pray to Mishakal that Quinn will have the strength to bring Day back to the light. I just don’t know if he can.

From the Journal of Karnak.
Paladine is my SHIELD!!

From the Journal of <someone>
How dare they do this!!!! How dare they attack us….. I will make them pay!!!!

From the Journal of Taal
I didn’t sign on for this s#it!!!!!

A Brother from another Mother (Part 1)
30th Session

From the Journal of Alexi & Quinn Goldenscale and Redegar Bloodaxe:

We proceed down to the jail checking each cell as we go along for signs of Scorpius, unfortunately all the cells are empty except for the Githyanki who is still in his cell shackled up. We proceed down to the mindflayer cell and notice that the door is open! With Quinn in front we proceed down and peer inside.

Inside the mindflayer is free standing there while Scorpius stand beside him glassy-eyed. The mana-mithril shackles lay on the ground. (GM: hehe.. game on!!)

I attempt to negotiate with the Mindflayer but unfortunately he makes unreasonable demands and also mind-controls Scorpius to the back corner where he begins to cast something that is not arcane wizardry!

Finally taking a chance I use my mage hand to lift up the shackles and put them on Scorpius before the mindflayer can stop me. (GM: lets get it straight.. Alexi initiates combat)

Combat begins!

With renewed vigour and a sense of belonging that I haven’t felt in a long while since losing my clan and being captured, my blood boils to enact revenge on those that have held me prisoner. The Goldenscale brothers have allowed me that opportunity again to fight the good fight against evil and corruption in the world and I will not squander it or lose my way again. A renewed rage and absolute focus to assist my new acquaintances, I relished the chance to combat the mindflayer (an evil creature that I had never seen before) in order to solidify our growing trust in each other and more importantly understand how each and every member had their role to play.

Relating my experiences, I immediately formed synergies with Quinn, Tiny and Caleb to put physical pressure on the mindflayer to minimise any opportunity to cast spells on our group. The constant stuns, knockdowns and interrupts allowed us to overwhelm a fierce rival which on any other day in open battle could have been a less than favourable outcome.

Luckily through the use of our team’s presence we are able to limit the ability of the mindflayer and he is not able to mind control any of us. (GM: complete B#llshit!!)

Unfortunately during the fight Quinn channels Paladine and it sends a ‘ping’ through the dark that eventually gets sensed. I feel the presence of Udoonin scrying the location and I take the risky step of engaging him in a battle of wills. Although revealing my new found power I believe I did the right thing as this way he did not have a chance to call for reinforcement to be sent to the jail. I turn the scrying energy against him and can see him in the Ziggurat room on top of it using a device that is shooting a necrotic beam into both Justarius and LaDonna. I channel my radiant powers through the connection we now have and manage to make him catch on fire (with radiant damage!). He attempts to flee with two underlings in tow but I use my channel divinity ability to stun them all and then slide them into the lava. They all cry out in pain. Udoonin eventually teleports out and I believe he has gone back to his secret hiding spot. As my last act before the connection is lost I manage to disrupt the machine and it releases Justarius. LaDonna unfortunately is still being hit with the necrotic beam.

The others manage to defeat the Mindflayer and I explain to them what is happening. I tell them we must proceed at haste to Ziggurat room. On the way Quinn & Redegar speak to the Githyanki and Quinn makes a blood oath with him to hunt down Ergoyptis the Beholder. The Githyanki is now an ally! (GM: well as much as one can be)

Hmmm… the battle with the Mindflayer could have been avoided but in the end things worked out for us. If we survive this Underdark complex, as it has been described to me, Alexi and I need to have words. With Great power, comes even greater responsibility. Diplomacy is something we can and should use and needless bloodletting is a waste. Of course if we all had of known Scorpius was an Irda we should have let the Mindflayer eat him! But what is done is done and we moved on through complex after releasing the Githyanki; the Githyanki and I shared a blood oath to take down Ergoyptis. The enemy of my enemy is my friend… Yes, once we return to Hargoth I have much to think about.

We make haste through the Dark and the Githyanki points out several passages – One leads to where the mages are being held, another leads to the dark but the main way he leads us heads towards the ziggurat.

We arrive in the main room and it’s empty except for the two mages up the top. I head up to them quickly while the Githyanki and Redegar head to a table on the far side of the room that has their equipment. I check over Justarius and he is unconscious but seems fine, unfortunately the beam is still hitting LaDonna. (GM: right between the eyes)

I scry over the device and discover that this like that stone in the Death knight’s crypt, in that it has a piece of Udoonin’s necrotic soul infused into it. I call over Caleb and Quinn and tell them to prepare to strike the ‘Udoonin force’ that will be expelled. I channel my power into the machine and succeed in expelling the Udoonin force. Quinn and Caleb quickly attack and destroy it before it can get away.

The machine stops working and LaDonna falls to the side. I head over and start to examine her.

Just as I’m about to check her for residue necrotic energy, I sense powerful magic being worked. Ergoyptis is coming!! I warn the others and tell them he is teleporting in to the top of the Ziggurat. The Githyanki and Quinn prepare for his arrival while the others help me move Justarius and LaDonna from the top of the Ziggurat.

Ergoyptis teleports in and I can tell immediately he has been altered! He’s been infused with necrotic energy and I warn the others. Quinn calls on the power of Paladine by slamming his Dragonlance into the Ziggurat. It actually breaks open! (GM: not breaks open – he cracks a hole in it) Inside the Ziggurat is hollow but there is a monstrous necrotic force in there! (Is this the conduit of Udoonin’s power??). Caleb & Lon heads off to help Quinn and the Githyanki with ‘Necrotic Erogyptis’, while Tiny and Redegar help me with LaDonna and Justarius. I finally get a chance to examine LaDonna and I can tell immediately that she has been infested with necrotic energy just like Karnak was, but it is slightly different. I could draw the energy out but it must have a receptacle otherwise it will explode. I pull out the piece of mana-mithril I had been keeping and use that to contain the dark energy I expel from LaDonna. I am successful and she is now in the same condition as Justarius. As I turn to tell Tiny/Redegar that we can move them both back to the passage I see them both turn and charges down a passage way (The one Quinn had gone down to kill Castor the first time). …. CRAP now what am I going to do? (GM: hopefully die)

After defeating the mindflayer, we help the mage (Scorpious) come to his senses and agree to release another fellow prisoner (Githyanki) to take up the fight against the evil in this dungeon. He appears to enact a pact of binding gratitude to Quinn for releasing him of his bonds and aids the group by providing further information on the whereabouts of our equipment which is held in a big room cavern with a ziggurat.
I follow the group to the cavern and we immediately find the equipment lying on a table across the opposite side of the room. The Githyanki and I advance across the bridge to retrieve and equip our items.

I hear Alexi yell a warning that an “Ergoyptis is coming” (What the hell is an ergoyptis?) and move with the Githyanki to the top of the bridge above the ziggurat, when I get my answer in the form of the large bulbous floating eye, bearing many appendages with smaller eyes, which I vaguely recollect seeing when I was original brought into the dungeon.
I leap down on top of the ziggurat, ready to strike at it and I all I remember is this overwhelming wave of fear hit me and I turn and run out of the cavern. Fortuitously I see Tiny run down another passage and engage with another foe, so I move to assist my fellow Barbarian.

When this Redegar started talking about his tribe (Shadow Panther), my thoughts went back to the first time we were chasing Castor and the hidden stairway that lead down into the sewers. We saw a barbarian back then and I am positive that the fellow looked a bit like this Redegar; same bloodline for the barbarian had an axe symbol around his chest. This fellow though was talking orders from the shaman

On the way to the ziggurat we were able to work out our position in the maze of caverns and tunnels with the aid of the Githyanki, so we now know which way we need to go after we save the leaders of the Red and Black Mage Orders. A Knight saving mages… what has the world become? We arrived at the ziggurat in time to see Udoonin’s evil at work and the attack begins! Udoonin had been driven away by Alexi and so what Ergopytis appeared we were as ready as we could be. Alexi cast the ability of flight on me and I flew through the air and struck true into the Necrotic Erogopytis. People moved quickly to join the attack or move the two mages to safety since Alexi had managed to stop the beams. I remember calling on the power of Paladine and I struck down with the butt of the Dragonlance into the Ziggurat, causing a small hole to appear. As the battle moved away from that spot we could all see the necromantic power coming out from it! The ziggurat was hollow and was a huge container of necromantic power! My mind flashed with an idea; the stone of the ziggurat could be used to make the river of lava explode! Little did I know…

From the Journal of Tiny
For the first time in a number of the days the “fear” I have had has been replaced with a sense of righteous power and fury! I will continue to follow Lord Quinn’s example, I agree this evil must be destroyed!

From the Journal of Lon
Do I really need to say it?…….

From the Journal of <someone>
This is most unexpected….but I can use this situation to my advantage…I will still be able to complete my mission….

From the Journal of Udoorin (GM: Dun Dun Duhhhh)
Ahhhhhh…. NOOOO!!!!! How can this be!? How was this possible!! That puny mage… the twin of the Knight!!! How can he have such power!! And in my moment of triumphant glory!!! Such pain!!! I never thought to feel it again…..

(Udoorin closes his eyes and forces himself to breath deep breaths to calm)
Perhaps I was over confident…. this is a warning… <uknown> is warning me…. I must not make this mistake again…

Plans will have to change…. The twin has the two mages now…. so victory will not be complete… but I can still exact the plan… It will still have an excellent effect…. The mages will still have to spend times licking their wounds….

Keldros….these event change everything…. but…. perhaps it was for the best….. the young one has now shown himself, he is the vessel….yes, he has had a victory.. but I will not be caught unawares like that again….there will be consequences.. I must now regroup… this is what I want you to do Keldros…we will turn this setback into a victory!!!

From the Journal of Mind Flayer
WTF!!! How did these noobs kill a Lvl 20 solo!!!! So BS!!!!!!!!

Grappling with Hard Choices as a potential Ally appears!
29th Session

From the Journals of Quinn and Alexi Goldenscale and Redegar Bloodaxe

After defeating the dark elves in Scorpius cell we decide on a plan. I use my hat of disguise to make myself look like the dark elf cleric and head out to examine the other cells. There are 7 others, down a long passage, either side. I head to the cell directly across and peer inside. There seems to be a figure inside, I try to get a better look but he seems to blend in with the darkness and the low-light source doesn’t help. I eventually work out it’s a dark dwarf. I try to question him but being in my Dark Elf disguise he is too scared to even speak.
I decide to check out the cell that is directly north of Scorpius’. Peering inside I see an Illathid!! (Mindflayer), he’s looking at me and I quickly close the peep slot. As I do I hear the Illathid’s voice in my mind ‘Release me, I can help you. Release me!’ I try and get additional information from him but he doesn’t seem to want to give more. He has mana-mithril infused bracers! (Alexi Note: He can still use his telepathy WTF) I decide to leave him for now and check on the opposite cell. (GM: you were sh#tting your shorts!!)

I finally see a human. Inside in a large male. Looks to be a barbarian. I approach and ask him in common what he is doing here but he repeats that he won’t answer any of my questions. I remove the disguise and he seems shocked. I tell him we are here to save some mages that have been trapped down here and we can free him. He seems eager to comply and I render the mana-mithril bracers inert and he is able to break them with ease.

As I sit in this god forsaken dungeon, prisoner to an alliance of dark elves and humans, I wonder whether I will ever truly have a home or tribe to go back to. What does Thaneborn really mean now if I have no people to lead!! Contemplating these issues my mind wanders back to how my tribe could have been taken so easily by this new evil threat. We have held and lived in the Vingaard Mountains for many centuries. We know the mountains, we know all its secret passages and crevices, we would have known of any troop advancements against our kin before they could reach us. I can only think of only 2 possibilities, either someone or something has infiltrated their way into our community or someone in the tribe has turned traitor. Either way, I vow to find out how this happened and seek retribution for my dead kin. (GM: pretty smart for a barbarian :P … thought you haven’t had much to do for a while other than sit and think :P)

Brooding over these matters, I am interrupted by the dark she-elf, who has probably come here to torture me again to extract information on other clans and kin in the area. Either way, I will remain defiant and stoic until the very end, as my mind and strength will allow it. She asks “what my story is?” I look up at her and in a strong and determined voice tell her “I’m not telling you anything”. She turns to leave and says that you can stay here then. As if, the dark she-elf would let me go. But then I notice a movement from her and she transforms into a robbed male figure. (GM: he gets mistaken for a woman all the time) The male asks “Do you want to escape?” My initial reaction is how can I trust this person? Is the dark elf playing tricks or is this person really offering to help me escape? My mind races to take advantage of this opportunity, even if I am being played by this she-elf. I offer to help the robed man, on the condition that if he can break me free from these bonds and help retrieve my items.

I lead him back to the others in the cell and we formally introduce ourselves. His name is Redegar Bloodaxe and he is a barbarian from the shadow panther tribe (GM: black panther party?) up in the Vingaard Mountains. He was captured and brought here.
He remembered some details about his time before he came to be trapped in the cell
which he relayed to us.

I am introduced to a small war party of 6 humans, and from my immediate perception, I am wondering if this really is a ruse by the she-elf. They appear to be kind enough and formally introduce themselves. Likewise I inform them of who I am and tell them I’m from the Shadow Panther Clan (GM: BPP) in the Vingaard Mountains, which was destroyed by a reptilian looking race. A big human steps forward and converses in my native tongue and tells me he is from the Ghost Bear Clan (Note: I’m going with Warren’s suggestion below). I greet him warmly in a traditional bonding of clasping arms.

Quinn appears perplexed or puzzled about my Clan name and relays a particular memory to me of another barbarian with a two-handed axe which has some similarities to me (then again most barbarians do look alike – it’s hard to tell them apart, like chinese really ). I advise him that I’d be happy to discuss this further once we are out of this dungeon.
I tell the group that I was onset by a group of 8 reptilian creatures, of which I slayed 6 before being captured by a robed one and brought here through a shimmering magical door. I was transported into a dark room underground with very little lighting, but I do notice during my escort through the passages, dark skinned elves and some humans moving about as if they were all working with the reptile creatures.

Going past one room, I see some reptile creatures and their human allies bring forth a black robed woman with iron grey hair and a red robed male with a limp, who seemed to discuss something with a floating creature with eyes as hair and a big central eye. I overhear the words “Udoorin was right, you are an arrogant people, and now that arrogance will help to wipe out your entire brotherhood” (GM: correct!)

Soon after that, I was taken into a chamber that appeared out of the wall. Within the chamber was a vile looking robed figure. The figure came forward and put its hands on both sides of my head. I’d never felt this type of mental pain or intrusion before and in the end I was unable to resist and I passed out. (GM: was a good mind rodgering)

Most importantly he reports seeing two mages (Red robe with a Limp – Justarius and a Black robe woman with Iron-Grey Hair – LaDonna). (Alexi Note: One other thing, he told us that a mage appeared and put their hands on his head before blacking out…. Is there a chance that Redegar is an unwitting sleeper agent? I’ll have to see if he will allow me to examine him for Udoorin INFESTATION!). (GM: well it IS one of his special plays :P)

When this Redegar started talking about his tribe (Shadow Panther), my thoughts went back to the first time we were chasing Castor and the hidden stairway that lead down into the sewers. We saw a barbarian back then and I am positive that the fellow looked a bit like this Redegar; same bloodline for the barbarian had an axe symbol around his chest. (GM: now you can’t really say why you feel this way, but yes – Quinn does feel there is a connection..) This fellow though was talking orders from the shaman that was leading the group. From the story Redegar has told us, he might be related to this barbarian that carried a two handed axe. At least it seems we have the same enemies, for now. Alexi is not so sure but we do not have time at the moment to argue since we have more pressing issues to deal with. For now we fight together to rescue the mages and get out of this underground hell. The big surprise was when Tiny greeted Redegar in his own native tongue – Tiny is a member of the Ghost Bear Tribe (okay – made that up but it sounds cool) and knows of Redegar’s tribe. Very interesting indeed! I also make another discovery – what happens if we put a fair bit of mana-mithril in the lava stream? Beholder lair go boom? Sounds like a plan to me. (GM: I’d ask a gnome)

After talking with Redegar he agrees to help us in our fight (although I can tell he’s not that interested in saving mages he knows this army has to be stopped). (GM: only good mage is a dead mage)

As we are discussing a plan we hear noise coming from the passage. We hear some (we assume dark elves) come take the dark dwarf and we can hear him yelling out. He’s terrified. He is taken back up the passage.

We wait a while and I head out and check the other four rooms. The two near the exit to this ‘cell block’ are empty while the closer ones contain prisoners as well. One is a Githyanki who is bound – head, and arms with mana-mithril infused bracers and the other is a gnome who has had his eyes ripped out and his mouth sewn shut D:

I head back to the others and we discuss a plan to handle the next room where he assume there is a force of dark elves. I come up with the idea to pretend to be a dark elf cleric and ask for their assistance with the Githyanki as one of his binding is about to break and hopefully draw them into a surprise attack.

The others agree (GM: GM rolls crap again) and we all head up and the others (including Scorpius) hide in the first two cells while I bluff the situation.

Inside the room is a leader, a cleric, a mage and three warriors (I couldn’t see the assassin), and they fall for my bluff. The cleric and three warriors proceed to follow me down to the Githyanki cell. Quinn (Invisible thanks to Scorpius) pushes the door close to prevent the others from seeing what happens and we attack the cleric.

Scorpius cast the invisibility spell upon me so that I was able to stand with Alexi as he opened the doors from the cell block. More Dark Elves and it appeared that they had not been alerted to anything so far. As we prepare to let loose the ambush, I wonder about the illithad and the githyanki. These planar creatures, as I understand them from what Alexi has told us, are not races to be trifled with, but as combat begins all thoughts of them are pushed from my mind. Alexi springs the trap and Redegar charges in with only his fists! No fear at all as he grapples one of the Dark Elves and pins it to the ground. I charge and strike (with only a mumbling of ‘Paladine’ under my breath) and strike one down. Redegar grapples again and takes another one down – unbelievable but as a tactic it worked. With the last of them dead we made our way to where Lon, Caleb and Tiny were busy fighting 3 more, one of which was a mage.

Eventually we kill the mage and one other while Alexi, Lon and Tiny have run off after the ‘Captain’ that is trying to escape! I did miss and hit the wall behind the mage before he died – the blow cracked the wall and was ‘hopefully’ not heard too far away. I also point out a trap door under the bed to Lon – Caleb had seen it but not mentioned it! The others return to say that the Captain was dead and that the ‘Mordor Sword’ was melting along with the body of the Captain. It is at this point we decide what to do and I ask ‘where is Scorpius’? Alexi and I think the same thing – the illithad has taken control of him and is using the weak brained fool to try and undo its bonds! We gather as a group and head back towards the cell with the illithad. (GM: trust a mage)

The group appear to be led by Alexi and Quinn, who have some similarities of their own and they discuss tactics of what to do next. I tell them were my equipment is and describe the lava room with a pyramid shape structure. It appears they have some knowledge of these creatures and what they are up to (which leads me back to my original train of thought – am I being played by the she-elf). (GM: Alexi always has an angle ) It’s agreed that all the other prison cells are checked first before advancing forward.

There are number of other odd looking prisoners of which I have never seen in my lifetime, but Alexi believes that none should be released on the basis that they would cause more detriment to the group than being helpful (hmmm is that she-elf thinking to keep the tough guys out of the play?). We finally move up to the end of the prison cells, where Alexi decides to dupe the guards, by using the she-elf’s voice (hmmm) into thinking there is a prisoner escaping (well yes I AM) and we catch them in a surprise ambush when he leads them down to the back prisoner cell.

With no equipment and nothing but my bare hands, I focus my rage into taking out the leader and launch into a full run and take down the dark elf cleric in a grapple to the floor, with the belief that the other warriors of the group will soon follow my lead. I am heartened to hear that Quinn has entered the fray and dispatches one above me, while I’m still wrestling on the ground.

I hear arrow shots from behind me, spellcasting from Alexi, as the war party appear to work in synergy with each other. (GM: you realise they have fought together a number of times) I continue to grapple with the cleric on the ground, when Quinn piercers the dark elf and I am free to stand once again. But only to be ensued upon by another dark elf. He cuts me with his blade, but I shrug it off and grab him in a bear hug and take him to the ground as well. The close quarter fighting tactic is working to my advantage here in the prison cell area, and as we hit the ground, I slam his arm down to try and knock the weapon out of his hand, and in the process, dislodge his arm from its socket. I hear him squeal in pain and I quickly clasp my hand over his mouth and grab his head in a lock to continue twisting and turning to end the dark elf’s life by choking and breaking his neck. The dark elf goes limp in my arms and I throw him off. Quinn finishes off the remaining dark elf in the cell before he hear the main door to the prison open and a new battle unfolds in the next room. I see a blur of motion from Caleb and Tiny as they attack a more skilled dark elf in the next room and force it on the run. Lon moves in and launches a few arrow shots at the dark elf on the run. Tiny continues to follow, while Caleb has sighted a new target. Alexi, Quinn and I move up to the room and give aid to Caleb, who is fighting a robed dark elf. I spring into a mighty leap and try to body slam the robed one into the wall. He is hit but manages to remain on his feet, dazed and surrounded by Caleb and I. Quinn kills another that was lurking in the shadows and moves to join our fight, while Alexi joins the pursuit to chase down the dark elf that seems beyond our reach.

We kill the robed dark elf and from the sounds of things Tiny and Alexi have managed to catch the other dark elf. I find an axe and decide to use it until my equipment is recovered.

We manage to dispatch the three warriors and the cleric easily but unfortunately the other dark elves in the other room hear us and the fight is on in the upper room. Quinn and Redegar manage to kill the wizard and assassin while Tiny and I chase after the Leader. Unfortunately it looks like he is going to escape us but luckily (Alexi: Funny how that works out) he’s using a ‘mordor’ weapon and when I cast my new radiant ability that would stun a necrotic or dragon being he is affected because of the weapon. Tiny and I manage to reach him where we kill him and the weapon starts to seep into the ground. (GM: was major b#llshit)

I manage to save the second sword which looks like a flaming weapon +?

There is also on the mage a skull rod, robes and boots (all magical). On a table back in the main chamber there are an assortment of weapons. I see Redegar has picked up an axe and I can already tell it is magical! (Unfortunately it is not his equipment).
From what Redegar told us we are now South East of the main chamber where the pyramid is. Interestingly Lon discovers a secret trap door under a bed that is in the main chamber that seems to head west.

We now have three ways to go. There is straight west, north-west or through the trap door. There is also the dilemma of the GIthyanki and the Mindflayer. Could we let them loose to cause havoc in the underdark so we could have an easier time finding the mages, can we trust them or would they turn on us!

As we are discussing the plan, I happen to ask where Scorpius is. Tiny races back to the cell that he was hiding in (At the initial attack) and notes he has gone. (Alexi Note: Oh crap…. No willpower…. Mindflayer who can still use his telepathy through the bracers…. We’re fucked!) (GM: no.. its GM payback time!!)

We race down towards the Mindflayer cell hoping that he is not free! (GM: hope is always good)

From the Journal of Tiny
I never expected to find a fellow clansmen down here. It’s been so long since I thought of my parents people, but this confirms it.. whether I want it or not, its part of my blood…

From the Journal of Caleb
The time is near, I can feel Mishakal calling to me…. I pray I will find the strength

From the Journal of Lon
Sigh…. another human.. great.. just what we need…. “f#cking humans”

From the Journal of <someone>
Something is not right Keldros…. While my plans are proceeding as thought, I sense something new…. something….hmmmm…. something not as it should…. and it is close…. {the dark figure looks hard at Keldros} … this is most unexpected…..

From the Journal of <someone>
Yeeessssss my child…. come to me…… you will be very useful….. now, the tables are turned…

Death Knights, Destroyed Libraries and The Dark
28th Session

From the Journal of Quinn and Alexi Goldenscale

That night Quinn, Richard and Karnak stay at the Inn (The Fat Duck) that they were directed too by the Lord, where they retired for the evening. Quinn awakes in the morning and heads down for breakfast. He finds out from Richard that Karnak is currently asleep as he was on duty last night (‘protecting Quinn’s room’). (GM: Hard night on the pi$$)

Today I awaken to the knowledge of two things. One, Alexi was dead and may never come back, (GM: well we can only hope…) and Two, The fight for honour and justice must continue no matter the cost. (GM: more xp for you!!) I prayed long to Paladine, asking not for myself, but for Alexi, Lon and Caleb for they were at a place beyond my reach and I could not help them with what was to come. ‘Grant me the strength to continue, Lord Paladine, for today I am feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.’
To take my mind off of what had happened I went down to the practise yard very early and began to do the training manoeuvres my many teachers drilled into me. Sword and Shield like my Father before me. Would anyone spar with me this morning? No, for the damage I did to the practise dummies from the ferocity of my strikes put fear into anyone watching. That was not my intent, but with what had happened I needed the outlet. Nessie was still recovering at the inn from the ‘Mordor Spear’ that wounded her. It is best she rest for I sense a time will come once more when we think back on this as a ‘quiet time’. (GM: that is a very good analogy)

I still cannot believe Alexi, my little brother, is dead… but I decided that I would not laze around. I went back to the inn to wash and get changed and then informed Richard that I am going riding and wish to see the old city to see if I can locate the temple or library. I believe people have the sense not to argue with me today.

It is now 6 days remain until the group must be ready to leave for Sancrist with the Lord Hargoth. (GM: you know you will never get there right?)

Quinn decides he wants to visit the old temple in the ruined part of the city. He along with Richard & four members of 1st squad mount up and head towards that section of the city. (Nessie is still recovering from the attack and remains behind as does Karnak who is sleeping).

When this part of the city was badly damaged it was decided to do rudimentary work on the outer gates and instead wall off that section from the rest of the city. A newer version of the library was built to replace the old one (None of the books were moved to the new location!) (GM: it was thought that one day they would come and move the books, but it never happened) and a temple dedicated to the seeker gods was also built in the newer city. The large marketplace was moved to the north part of the city. Since then this area has remain broken and desolate except for those too poor to remain in the city and those who seek the riches that were left.

Quinn heads off with the group and they arrive at the portcullis that leads to the ‘old city’. Where there should be two guards there appears to be no-one. Further investigation leads to the discovery that the two guards are asleep in the guardhouse. Quinn graciously ignores the blatantly dereliction of duty and gets one of 1st squad to open the gate. (It is quite hard). (The guards eventually wake up and one of them trying to redeem himself heads off to inform the Lord about Quinn’s trip).

It is a fine day for a ride and we quickly make our way to the inner gate to the old city. There is a guard house but no guards – strange but we open the door to the guard house and they are all inside asleep. No discipline! I order members of 1st Squad to open the gate and they do; of course this causes the guards to ‘awaken’ and they mutter something about letting the Lord know (yes run along and do that) but they do not try to stop me. We enter and I am amazed at what I see – this part of the city is a true ruin and there are many people living in the area. It seems the poor and unwanted come here to escape – I can never allow this to happen to the lands of Goldenscale. All must be cared for, even in times of harshness or war.

Heading into the old city Quinn and the group finally reach an intersection. One of the guards dismounts and examines a fallen over signpost. He explains that straight ahead leads to the large marketplace while it seems the temple is located on the hill. Unfortunately due to damage most of the sign is indecipherable and he can’t pick where the library is.

Heading towards the hill there seems to be three structures that cover the majority. One of them is the temple, another that seems to be almost built into the hills is a large structure (that we would lately discover is the library). The other is probably the most mysterious of all. It is a large tower. Quinn having seen a few towers in his day correct identifies it as a mage tower (Smaller than Whupus’ tower and the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth but comparable to the ruined mage tower in the ruined city). (GM: what else would he think it is?)

As with any city, temples and libraries have a tendency to be built in places that one can see all; a vantage point if you will. With the signage not able to give us a direction, we head to the hill that overlooks the whole area and we are rewarded, for here we have the Temple, the Library and most astonishing of all, a ruined Mage Tower. Richard thinks it is a defensive structure but I assure him that is not the case. It is definitely a Mage tower though not as big as the ones I have seen.

Arriving at the temple it is actually not as ruined as the other buildings but it has been claimed more by nature and the guards have to dismount to cut a way through the brush to reach the entrance. Finally reaching the temple the party dismounts and Richard assigns one of the soldiers to remain with the horses.

The temple is made of white marble and back when it a sound structure must have been a wonderful site. Quinn notices some statues around but unfortunately they have been broken and can’t be identified if they display a patron god.
Up the large stairs leads to the main structure. What originally was four large pillars (one has fallen and caved into one of the others) has caused part of the roof to cave in but it seems the main structure has survived.

Quinn, Richard and three soldiers head up the stairs into the ante chamber when suddenly Quinn stops. A great evil is emanating from the chamber. Quinn immediately draws his Dragonlance and the other soldiers responding to his reaction draw their swords too.
Calling forth the blessing of Paladine Quinn channels his bless towards the darkness and he manages to make it retreat before the bless ends and the darkness resumes its reach to the chamber entrance.

As Quinn approaches with 1st Squad there is a laughter (GM: evil laughter) coming from the chamber before the words ‘DARKNESS’ and a fear effect expands out to cover the entrance. Quinn manages to resist it but unfortunately Richard and 1st Squad feel its full affects and they all turn and flee away!! (D:) (GM: that was an epic fail roll)

Quinn begins to call upon Paladine and manages to push the darkness back he pushes into the temple where he discovers that the evil presence is Udoonin!! Who has corrupted a knight (death knight!! And his retainers!!). (GM: yes a little present from Udoonin)

Quinn begins to chant the Knights of Solmanic song and proceeds to push the darkness back. He eventually manages to push the darkness back revealing a death knight and three retainers who attack!

Paladine grants his blessing and the area is bathed in radiant light that hinders the undead. Quinn yells out his battle chant and is preparing to launch his attack when from behind him bursts forth Karnak to launches himself into undead calling on Paladine’s blessing as well. While he attacks the minions, Quinn faces the death knight (mono-e-mono). (GM: hmm, seems Karnak got over his heavy night)

The fight is intense but Paladine’s strength was strong in his two champions and they managed to defeat the death knight and his minions. As the skeletons crumbled an evil essence left the death knight and fled down stairs at the back behind the altar.
Quinn and Karnak proceed down the staircase until they reach a crypt that is under the temple. There are four sarcophagus. Proceeding carefully Quinn heads towards the last one where he senses an evil presence, peering in Quinn notices there seems to be a stone that is infused with mana-mithril, this is what is putting off the evil presence. Beside it is a sword (Holy Avenger +6!!!!!). (GM: don’t say I never give you anything epic) Quinn is able to observe that the stone and the sword seem to be fighting each other’s presence, and Quinn (correctly) hypothesis that the sword is preventing the stone from reanimating the deathknight and his minions. (GM: yes, very good xp coming your way) Quinn orders Karnak to go find 1st Squad while he attempts to try and expel the evil presence from the stone.

The Temple – even though I cannot see what the statues are that once stood outside the building looked like, I know this is a temple of good, dedicated to the Gods of Light. I stride forward, Richard and the other three members of 1st squad not far behind me… and then I am struck by the presence of evil and it is coming from directly in front me! The Temple has been corrupted!

Anger awakens within me. Alexi gone, evil seemingly able to hold sway over all that is good in the world and now this! It SHALL NOT BE! Not today, not ever again! I raise high the Dragonlance and call on the blessing of Paladine and the power of Light spreads out from me and into the temple. But while I was successful, the evil has a foothold and pushes back and a voice echoes from the Darkness as a sense of fear and dread emanates from the temple entrance back towards me. I hold strong, but Richard and the members of 1st squad run in fear. (GM: to be honest they don’t have your faith)

But I was not to be denied entry; kneeling and smashing the Dragonlance to the ground at the entrance of the temple I raise my voice and sing the song of the Knights Oath and drive the evil backwards. I move forward all the while singing and smashing the Dragonlance to the ground. (GM you have done this action enough times now to realise it is an action that can release a Paladine smite, soon you may get an extra power on your character sheet for it) Radiant light emanates from the lance and bathes the area in Holy Light until I am finally close enough to see the altar that has been smeared in blood and faeces. I also know who my true enemy in this place is – Udoonin – even dead he wants our destruction. He taunts me talking about his glory and undeath and I reply about how there is no body that will help him against me! (GM: yes.. that took a little of his fun away) As a final insult to him before combat, I talk of meeting a girl (his daughter) and about how she ran like a coward with her pet dog. This he did not like. (GM: no, didn’t like that either)
And so here in a Temple to Kirn-Jolith, The Knights Parton God, I battle Udoonin’s last line of defence – a Death Knight and his three Skeletal Warriors. The Death Knight, a true Fallen Knight, wears the armour of a Knight of the Rose and this makes me wonder who the poor fellow was in a previous life. But no matter, battle is joined as Karnak appears from nowhere yelling his battle cry to the glory of Paladine and strikes at the first Skeletal Warrior. They move to engage him while I step towards the fallen one.

The battle was epic (GM: yes.. I really wasn’t sure if you could pull this one off) – with only faith as my shield I defeated the Death Knight, a Fallen one, in single combat and with Karnak’s help we destroyed three Skeletal Warriors. With the radiant light still flooding the chamber I moved around and the essence of evil was removed. The Temple of Kirn-Jolith was cleansed and the only place the evil remained, where Udoonin remained, was in the crypt under the temple.

The ‘Mordor Sword’ the Death Knight used has disintegrated under the Radiant light of Paladine and the Knight of the Rose armour is purified just like the altar and temple area! Praise be to Paladine! Karnak fought well and has become a true follower of Paladine.
(GM: consider this battle another turning point of faith – or major Paladine events for Quinn, so far you have had three – Nessie, Healing Karnak, and now this – cleansing the temple and releasing a fallen one from evil clutches)

With Lon providing an exceptionally strong link to the image of the hill overlooking the city, I am successful in teleporting us from the summit with the crystal. I warn Caleb and Lon that there might still be an evil force in the city (I sensed the ley-line from the weapon that hurt Nessie) and we proceed to the front gate where Caleb announces our presence to the guards (As Quinn’s companions) and while the Guards hesitate Caleb convinces them to go get a member of 1st Squad to vouch for us. (I have raised my hood as I don’t want to startle the citizens of the city with my altered appearance {and hopefully don’t reveal my transformation to Udoonin or one of his followers}). (GM: smart.. very smart)

Eventually one of his squad appearances and luckily it is Tiny Tim and we are immediately escorted in. Unfortunately before I could calm down Tiny at seeing me alive he loudly asks how I was brought back to life. I can see the citizens of the city who were there at the entrance are now staring at me (Alexi Note: FFS what did Quinn tell them….). I finally pull Tiny aside and ask him where Quinn is and he informs me that he has headed for the old temple in the ruined city. I tell him to lead us there as Quinn might be in danger.

As we reach the gates leading to the ruined part of the city I firstly notice there are a lot of citizens standing on the wall looking out towards a hill, I also notice that Richard Day is here and he seems dismayed even scared. (GM: you actually missed that he was “not right”) I ask him what is wrong and he tells me that there is a fearful presence in the temple and he could not stop himself from fleeing. I sense necrotic energy within him amplifying this fear. I reach out and attempt to infuse him with radiant power to combat the fear. I succeed and he seems at least just shaken up now. I ask him to go back and get 1st Squad and bring them to the temple. He heads off to wherever the rest of the soldiers are.

Just as we are about to head into the ruined city Taal arrives on horseback and tells us he’s heard from the citizens there has been loud booming sounds coming from the temple. (Alexi: He isn’t able to hide his surprise at my new appearance). (GM: no.. that was a WTF moment, even though he did try to act cool)
We head out towards the temple and as we approach I briefly see Karnak at the entrance before he rushes inside (Alexi Note: ….What’s wrong now?!?!?..).

Karnak and I briefly look outside and can see in the distance that a crowd of about 100 people has gathered at the gates and are even sitting on the walls, waiting to see if anything else is going to happen. Seems my display of Holy Power was able to be seen across the city… I yell out for 1st Squad to get them to assemble but they are nowhere to be found. Not good. Karnak follows me back inside the Temple and we go down the stairs into the crypt, with the Holy Light of Paladine still shining brightly from the lance.

In the crypt are three stone sarcophagi’s that held the Skeletal Warriors we defeated, and behind them is the one the Knight was buried in. As we look around my eyes are drawn to the carving on the chamber. They depict battles from the Goblin Wars and show my Father in one scene fighting a great demon and we as the Knight that once was laid to rest here. I see the coat of arms but do not recognise it straight away but it is familiar. This Knight must have died here defending the city and perhaps he was a companion of Fathers. Truly an amazing find, but I was soon to be shocked again; inside the sarcophagus was buried a magnificent sword, an item of true knightly power. But next to it was a black stone, a stone of such vileness that is was the thing emanating what was Udoonin himself! Or part of him.
I tell Karnak to go back and find 1st Squad and Caleb’s Acolytes so that we can purity the crypt and return the remains of the warriors and knight to their resting places after he secures a large iron bound box that we can use to put the stone in as it must be removed from the crypt. Just exactly how we will do that I am not sure. I remain concentrating on the power of Paladine and keep a hand on the sword to help give it the strength to resist the evil of the black stone. (GM: yes … even now with the death of his minion, you feel Udoorin’s power trying to leach out)

We proceed in and down the stairs where we see Quinn. He is standing over a crypt attempting to channel Paladine it seems to try and combat a necrotic presence I sense. I head over and I see immediately we are in great danger. The stone contains a portion of Udoorin’s presence (Alexi Note: Holy crap!!) and it has been infused with mana-mithril. Quinn’s actions could dispel the presence but it would surely detonate the mana-mithril. Not even having a chance to greet him I tell him to stop as the item is extremely volatile.
He steps back and asks how we can destroy it. I tell him I will separate the mana-mithril and then expel the force and tell him and Karnak to be ready with the Lance. Quinn reaches in and grasps the sword from inside the sarcophagus and passes the lance to Karnak and they both stand ready. I use my arcane power to separate the mana-mithril and it seeps away from the stone, I then channel my new radiant power (GM: using the shiny new powers!) directly into the stone and I am able to dispel Udoorin’s presence from it. The force manifests itself as a shadowy presence and attempts to flee but luckily Quinn and Karnak are ready and they both attack it and the holy weapons made to destroy it. Unfortunately the feedback from the explosion hits all three of us and I am not able to defend myself as I’m still concentrating on the mana-mithril. The death-throw of Udoorin’s presence hurts but I am able to keep the mana-mithril contained and eventually render it inert. (Alexi Note: When concentrating on the presence I realised this was the force that had been powering that necrotic lance that was affecting Nessie, hopefully she will be feel better – I must go see her and make amends for my past actions).

We all take a moment to ponder the situation and Quinn gets Caleb’s acolytes to attend to returning the skeletons to their proper burial.

I am overjoyed to see Alexi, Lon and Caleb come down the stairs to the crypt, but my surprise turns to amazement as I look upon Alexi – he has white hair and he outfit has touches of… a priest?!? (GM: oh Alexi… burn!!) What has happened to him? I am still touching the sword and have pondered touching the lance to the rock, but when Alexi says it is Mana-Mithril infused with a portion of Udoorin, I am so glad I did not. The plan to remove the Udoorin Force from the mana-mithril is worked out and Alexi forces what is Undoonin from it and into the air. I use the sword from the dead knight (for it is an item of great power) and Karnack and I hit and kill this portion or essence of Udoonin. The backlash is substantial but we prevail and Alexi makes the mana-mithril inert. (GM: mostly luck I’d say)

I head away from the crypts and move to the centre of the room and attempt to see if perhaps my new form power could ‘consecrate’ this room to prevent Udoorin from corrupting those soldiers again.

While this is going on the others have gathered around the main sarcophagus and Quinn recognises that this sword belongs to Sir Petru D’Avalon – Knight of the Sword. These others were his retainers and Quinn remembers reading his father’s journal that D’Avalon, De Brassi and our father were all together on this mission 30 years ago when they defeated the goblins. The Holy Avenger +6 is his family weapon and although Karnak & Lon are both in awe of the weapon, Quinn decides to return it and re-inter it with the body. (GM: what!!! he won’t take it!! what type of power gamer are you!!!)

As we stood there after putting the essence of Udoorin to death I smile and turn to Alexi and wrap him in a huge bear hug!! (GM: bit of “man” love) The joy is plain to see on my face and that of the others in the room! We head back upstairs and I want to know all that happened and Alexi gathers his thoughts. I take the time to look at the sword and recognise the heraldry; it belongs to the D’Avalon family. Father’s journal talked of his friends Sir Petru D’Avalon – Knight of the Sword! (and he was carrying a Holy Avenger Broadsword – Crest of D’Avalon is on it) and De Brassi – they were all here at the battle of Korval all those years ago. The only reason the sword and armour were buried here was because there was no heir… and then I make a decision that the others question, especially Karnak; I will return the sword and the armour to the tomb below so that the items remain with what is left of the body of Sir Petru D’Avalon. I get a sense that this was the right thing to do and that Paladine and Kirn-Jolthi are pleased with what I have done this day. (GM: yes, but Lon thinks you are a noob)

Yes they were all excited to see Quinn so happy, but unfortunately I was about to put a damper on their spirits. (GM: trust you!)

I ask them all to come up to the next level where I explain exactly what happened to me (See Adventure Log 27A – Mantle of the Radiant Servant of the Gods of Light). I explain what happened to me to the main group (Quinn, Karnak, Caleb & Lon. (Alexi Note: I will tell Taal what happened as I’m ok with Lazarus learning what has transpired). Unfortunately one thing I didn’t think about until after the meeting with the gods (GM you forgot the little nugget, that it was you who sent the mages in the first place) Gods was the action (Or non-action in this case) of not telling the mages it was a trap. We now have confirmed cases of Udoonin being able to corrupt unwilling beings which means we just handed him a giant force that is incredibly powerful. (GM: YOU handed him a giant powerful force) I explain this and they all look visibly upset (I guessed they would have a similar reaction {Force of Evil destroyed} and could accept that but this has changed everything). Good news however is that I think that if we find this location to the Place of Power of Paladine where the knights were formed, and there must be something there that our father wanted to get because he saw that the order of knights were losing their focus, there could be something there that will unite the knights! (Alexi Note: And if Quinn was the one that brought it back…).

I tell Quinn that the decision on what our next action should be lies solely with him as I cannot take the risk that people will start accepting my decisions as orders. (Alexi Note: King priest 2.0 !! D: ) I first want to find this information in the library, and Quinn agrees.

The information about what happened to Alexi sours the day, but it is best that he tell us this now, rather than later. A second King Priest – I will not let that happen, (GM: but I would) but we do need to locate the Place of Power from the library next door.

We head over to the library and Quinn inquires about 1st Squad. I tell him that I saw Lieut Richard Day earlier and he was infused with a magical fear (GM It was actually quite more) but removed it and told him to go get the rest of 1st Squad. Becoming concerned that perhaps I did something I use my moonstone orb to scry for Richard, and what I see is horrible! He is inside a stable of some kind and he is eviscerating members of 1st Squad!! I tell Quinn and he and Karnak leave off towards the city immediately. (Alexi Note: I am worried that perhaps my magic had some effect on him and he has done something to the opposite effect of the fear and turned him into some monster that is killing his men as punishment for their weakness. (GM: wish I had thought of that) I should have gone with Quinn but before I can turn around Taal turns up).

This situation with Lieutenant Richard Day and 1st squad is unbelievable. What power does Udoorin have at his disposal? Karnak and I ride back at full speed to find Day and the others as quickly as possible. We arrive and find that Udoorin’s corrupting power has resulted in the deaths of 6 members of 1st squad and only Lt Day and one other soldier badly hurt, while there is only Tiny and one other guard still fully fit for duty. Lt Day is given aid from the acolytes of Caleb’s but he remembers what he did after the evil was removed from him. I pray to Paladine for guidance and try to rally him with a ‘Will you serve me?! But he is too far gone and is put into a deep sleep to help him forget what has happened.
I leave Karnak to clean up the situation and meet Sir John Jr on my way back from getting my armour. He accompanies me back to the library where I introduce him to my ‘dead’ brother, brought back to life by the power of the Gods themselves.

For once I got to experience what Taal looks like extremely surprised when he first noticed him (Alexi Note: hehe – HOLY SHIT BALLS was the comment) and I explain to Taal what has happened to me and he seems to take it all in. While we are waiting to hear back of Quinn’s return he explains some information about the library (and the mage tower). (Alexi Note: Didn’t notice the mage tower that was a bit of a noob mistake… of course I would love to investigate it but we have more pressing matters to attend to – I make such a comment and even Lon looks surprised – hehe). (GM: yes not like the old Alexi at all)

This library here (compared to the new one that has been constructed later) contains a massive amount of knowledge and power according to rumour as it was started by a powerful mage that built the tower (Alexi Note: To build something like that we’re talking Whupus level!!).

He explains that there have been various forces vying to get in there. Forkner has been sending people into the library to reclaim some of its wonders, (Supposedly he has guardians protecting it) there is also a red robe that tried to gain access through the proper channels and once I hear of this I tell them that he could have got to here easily without the Lord’s support. There has also been shadowy creatures as well and from what Taal has gathered from the citizens that these creatures caused a massacre a few weeks earlier to a bunch of thieves who were tried to scavenge for anything of value. Taal eventually tells me that Lazarus wants information about the wizard who lived in the tower. (Alexi Note: I suppose I could have ask Whupus when I see him later as I assumed he would have checked out any potential unfriendly neighbours before moving in). (GM: well.. you know Whupus…likes to be in the know)

Quinn finally returns (and introduces me to Sir John Jr of Kent) (Alexi Note: More hero worship for Quinn I see), and he explains that it was corruption of Udoonin that caused this. (Alexi Note: At discovering that this was Udoorin I am devastated. Once again I underestimated him (GM: yes you did… xp for character roleplay) and this could have been prevented if I had bothered to look deeper beyond the magical fear. I am thinking that anything in the future to do with Udoorin will have to be done with almost over-paranoid care to make sure this never happens again. I worry for Lieut Day and how this will affect him – perhaps there is some solace I can provide). (GM: I keep telling you Udoorin is a genius but no one seems to believe me)

Taal had headed off during our discussion to talk with some of the poor who are scavenging in the ruins and he returns with information. He explains that they have seen a figure in a red robe roaming through the library early last week but haven’t seen him since. We head into the library and Taal explains where he thinks the secret entrance is. As we get closer to the place I instantly recognise the magic. Someone has laid a magical trap on the entrance (A well covered hole in the ground). I tell the others to step back and I dispel the trap and use my knock ritual to open the hole. I then proceed to put my own arcane lock on the hole tell the group (Including Lord John the PW: DC 45 Donut).

Also up top I sense another area where it seems a ritual has occurred. I manage to sense that the ritual was a discern location ritual and it is very faint and I caught the very last trances of it. (GM: really you shouldn’t have .. but you have an epic arcana)

(Alexi Note: Something of interest with my new powers it has had an effect on certain things I would not have expected. I put a light spell on Quinn’s Dragonlance as we needed a light source and the spell has seemed to be amplified. (GM: it has gone OP!!!) The radius was much greater and it seemed to make the Dragonlance gleam even brighter than normal. I had also pulled out my familiar to get her to investigate a possible other entrance on the other side of the hill and she has a radiant glow as well and when she flew looks like a large fire-fly!!). (GM….sigh…. I miss the little demon, but a little sprite with radiance coming out of its a$$ is kind of cool also)
We proceed down underneath and what is interesting is that this under level of the library is surprising well intact. We spread out and explore and I find the first room with books inside!! Realising that I could have problems understanding these books I casted a comprehend languages ritual before we came down and it certainly helped because these books are incredible old and diverse. (GM: very..VERY old)

In a small circular room filled with books we find a skeleton that is holding a book. It looks like before he died he wrote something inside a book (Which is about exotic plants, written by a famous Master Herbalist) he has written ‘It’s been four weeks, no food or water, the master is not going to return. I’m going to die, I wish I had the strength and courage to do it myself as the pain is just excoriating. Praise be to Paladine’.

I do a quick search of the books looking for key words – Magic, Knights, God of Lights, Paladine, Knighthood, Wizards. (GM:.. what do you think this is… google!!!!) Unfortunately finding no more useful information.
We head further into the main chamber and there are two interesting things. One is an extremely large massive magically locked metal door blocking a passage (15 feet). What is most interesting about it (Alexi Note: And why I didn’t sense it before is that it is shielded to putting off an aura) is that the door has been attempted to be open numerous times by various methods. It seems this might be what the other parties were looking to get passed.
What is also interesting is a giant hole in the ground of the main chamber… oh no they have been digging from the dark!!! (Alexi Note: CRAP). Quinn and Lon try to calculate the depth of the hole but they never hear the rock fall!!!

I decide to examine the door and I notice that they all back up (Alexi Note: Ye of little faith). Working along the lines that I managed to work out the protection word on the Monastery Inner Sanctum I use my (ALL POWERFUL) power and manage to crack the lock on the door (Alexi Note: That was one of the hardest things I have ever done! {DC 60 – Rolled a 62}). (Door PW: ‘Open Says a Me’). (GM: truly epic, this lock was the stuff of legend)

We proceed into the room and inside is a large library room. There is also a giant hole in this room as well. (Alexi Note: Udoonin is in a class of his own, most mages will magically protect a door or bar the walls but not underneath. It must have taken months). (GM: refer previous genius comment)
I sense the presence of a magically scrying effect within the room and eventually track it down to the south west section. It’s a wizard eye ritual and I manage to gain control of it. I sense torment and pain from the conjuring who I am eventually able to get information from him. He’s our missing red robe!! His name is Scorpius and he’s been taken to the Dark. They have been making him Wizard Eye the area for days. He is incredibly scared but I manage to convince him to show me where he currently is and he shows me a jail cell. He then screams in pain that they are coming and I he breaks the contact from the pain which I assume is whipping. I look to Quinn (Alexi Note: With those puppy dog eyes) and he nods. I tell the others to gather and start the ritual to teleport us to Scorpius. John Jr looks excited and has a heated discussion with his ‘guard’ (PROTECTOR) and eventually the guard knocks out John Jr and carries him out. Taal also seems reluctant to come and I offer him to go inform Karnak and the others where we have gone and he agrees. I look at him and tell him the PW to the door and tell him to lock it behind him. He repeats it back to me correctly in arcane language (Alexi Note: Well surprise surprise). (Quinn, Alex, Lon, Caleb & Tiny Tim). (GM: you are not the only one with secrets)

I cast the teleport ritual and sense a barrier blocking me. I punch through and we are teleported into a cell where there are two dark elves (a male and female) whipping a red robe (Scorpius). We attack them and manage to defeat them (Alexi Note: The woman turned out to be some type of cleric who made her blooded companion explode to do massive damage to all of us – Vindictive and Heartless). (GM: but effective)

We heal up and Scorpius manages to relay us some information. He hasn’t seen Justarius or LaDonna but he has seen Maji-Anders (One of the Council of 7 Black robes) who has been corrupted. There are a few mages down here and he knows that the dragon eggs have been moved (Alexi Note: Dammit).

Scorpius is eager to leave and he finally explains that he was trying to get into that library because there are rumours of Lost Arcane Items. He can’t teleport himself out and pleads with me and I start to cave but his attitude hasn’t impressed Quinn and he tells me that he needs to stay. (Alexi Note: I understand he has been put under incredible strain but his lack of loyalty to his fellow mages or his head of the red robes makes him despicable). (GM: really? very harsh.. the poor guy has been through hell….. there is a saying “everyone breaks on the third day”)

One thing the last few months has drummed into me is this; Udoorin and the forces of the Dark Queen have had years to plan their takeover of the Solamnia and all that is good in the world. We are forever playing catch up but perhaps with this attack into the ‘den of evil’ we will have surprise on our side for once. The Black and Red mages must not be allowed to be corrupted to the patch that Udoorin wants for that would be a blow I do not think the Mages would recover from. The Knighthood would be decimated and the people enslaved. We had no choice but to go… (GM: there is always a choice)

And so with our allies top side warned, we teleported in the beholders lair to rescue this Red Robe that had been forced to watch for them. The battle in the cell of the red robe was ferocious! Two Dark elves were there and even though we were successful, it showed me just how fanatical these followers are. The female priest killed her male counterpart in an act of mystical sacrifice, and did terrible damage to us all. It did not save her from dying at our hands, but it was shocking none the less, And now with the Red Robe Scorpius saved and with us we prepare to save as many Black and Red Robes as possible. Still seems wrong but in the greater seem of things we will need these people in the long term as we fight this war.

From the Journal of someone
Yes my child, my plans are proceeding as I wished. We have the mages, we have the knights, we have the dark. Now we must wait, as ordained.

From the Journal of someone #10
I have seen the burning, I have seen the death. I will have my revenge

From the Journal of Richard
What have I done……


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