Tome of the Grandmasters

Massive Tome of the Monastery of the Purple Lotus


This is a massive tome, almost as tall as a man. It is also very, very old.

This book was kept in the hidden room inside the chapel at the Monastery. Also kept in the room was four magical items.

A Staff of Storms, The Shield of Mishkall, Horn of Summoning & one piece of the Rod of Ages


Massive Tome of the Grandmasters, passed down generation through generation to each Grandmaster who holds it for safe keeping.

One of the most sacred laws of the Monks of the Purple Lotus is that only the Grandmaster may read directly from the tome. It is believed this law has never been broken.

Lots of pages on monk traditions and powers

Secret martial art forms

Psychic powers


Information on travelled places



Young Caleb

The Disks of Mishakal

Tome of the Grandmasters

Bond of Brothers Philvarce