Staff of the Beyonder


This staff is also known as the Relic Staff (by the monks)

Staff kept in the Inner Sanctum of the Monastery of the Purple Lotus by the monks.

Alexi has found the following information about the staff.

He says it seems extreamly powerful, but seems to have two conflicting powers destructive and serene, which is in the form of an elemental force that is constantly in flux. Alexi advises that it will require many, many hours of study to even undertand a 10th of this power. He has said to his brother in a most serious tone “This staff can never fall into the hands of the dragonarmy”

General Chang while at the summmit tried to trade the lives of the monks he had captured in exchange for the staff. When Caleb used the staff Chang exploded in a rage.

Caleb used the staff on the summit to open a portal to the gods, and returned a priest.


Alexi was given the staff to protect, at Par-Salin’s request he has handed it over to the Red Robed Mage Justarius for study and protection. He has been told he will have it back when he is able to weild it safely.

Alexi knows this staff cannot fall into the hands of the Dragonarmies

In his Test (which was in the future) OP Alexi was wielding this staff and it was called the Staff of Alexi

When Alexi first activated the staff his consciousness was teleported to a place ‘The Beyond’ ? He met the being that resides in the staff and explained some details about it.

The most important is that the staff can be used to prevent the Dark Queen from entering the world by inserting it into a slot (Similar to the Summit Room) in the temple depths in Neraka.

Staff of the Beyonder

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