Moonstone Sphere


Moonstone Sphere
Level 23 Rare

This perfect globe of lustrous moonstone has a dark flaw that gives it the appearance of an eyeball. At times, it moves like a roving eye, looking at something its wielder missed.

Wondrous Item 425,000 gp

PropertiesYou gain a +5 bonus to Perception checks, and a +2 bonus to Arcana checks.

You can use the sphere’s powers with your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma modifier, treating the sphere as a +5 implement.

The sphere can be used as a focus for scrying rituals.


This moonstone orb use to be the property of Castor. With Castor’s demise it remains the last link the party has to find any information about Castor’s apprentice and his involvement with Udoonin and the Dragon Army.

Alexi has managed to gleam one memory from the Moonstone Orb so far. It was an image of his mother and a young elf maiden (Lon’s sister) having a herbology lesson in a clearing. Alexi observed the encounter from Castor’s position.

Moonstone Sphere

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