5e Greater Dragonlance


weapon (melee)

A greater Dragonlance can be created using only the combination of pure dragonmetal and both required artifacts-the Silver Arm of Ergoth and the Hammer of Kharas. Legend has it that in the days of Huma, that Paladine himself would sent a portion of himself to the land to bless these artifacts with his power. With Paladine no longer in the heavens above, the ability to create these blessed weapons may indeed be gone forever.

A greater Dragonlance is a +2 lance that glows with an inner light. When wielded against an evil true dragon, it becomes a +3 lance. Upon a hit against an evil true dragon, it deals an extra 2d6 piercing damage.
If used while mounted on a dragon, the wielder acts as if he has the Mounted Combatant feat.


5e Greater Dragonlance

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