Arcan Dispelling Field



Arcane Dispelling Field

“The circle of symbols painted in the ground glow with magical light as the wizard attempts to cast his spells.” Level: 9 Category: Warding Time: 2 hours Duration: Until broken Component Cost: 600 gp Market Price: 800 gp Key Skill: Arcana You inscribe a circle of arcane runes of protection on the ground. If the ritual is performed correctly, these runes will prevent magic from being cast within the circle. When performing this ritual, you make an Arcana check. Anyone in this area who attempts to activate powers that have the Arcana keyword, must succeed in an Arcana check against your check’s result or the spell will fail and still consume daily uses, if any. Anyone whose level is lower than half of your level cannot activate powers with the Arcana keyword inside this area. When magic is successfully cast within the circle (including other rituals) it damages the boundary, thus destroying circle.

Arcan Dispelling Field

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