Amulet of Takhisis (Sivak Wizard Chest)


Found in a magically locked chest (Former owner – a Sivak Wizard). Not arcana. Very high quality.

Was used by Alexi to enrage the Cleric/Mage (Master Urdoorin). Was kept inside the bone scrollcase to try and dampen its aura.

Was eventually sold to a red robe mage at the tower of high sorcery

Another amulet of Takhsis was looted from a dead Aurak (In Hargoth city – dead by Caleb’s scimitar). This was also sold at the Tower.

GM: Alexi is concerned this item might be why the “Dark Warrior” seemed to be targetting him in the monastery.

Amulet of Takhisis (Sivak Wizard Chest)

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