Tim "Tiny" Grizz

Member of 1st Squad Quinn's Own- Hargoth Army


Tiny is a massive 6"4 dark skinned man in his early 20s, who wields a massive 2 handed war hammer (maul)

Tiny was on guard at the entrance to the dungeons in Hargoth castle, when Quinn and Alexi commanded his help.

Standing side by side with the brothers Tiny fought in the dungeons and then onto of the battlements.

Since then Tiny has been moved into the famed “First Squad” also known as Quinn’s own.


From the Journal of Tiny Tim
Oh my… I can’t believe I’ve just fought with the Heroes of Hargoth. I mean…. I almost craped myself! That death and blood we found in the dungeon, how can they remain so calm and resolute? All Sir Quinn wanted was to get to the enemy and make them pay for their foul crimes. And his wizard brother… he was right there beside him, and if I’m right for part of it, he wasn’t even able to do magic!!
They are true heroes!!

Tim "Tiny" Grizz

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