Sir Hector de Brassi, Duke of Ran

Knight of the Sword... Mentor to Quinn


Rank: Master Clerist

Sir Hector, Duke of Ran was a childhood friend of William, they were squired together, became Knights together, and fought together. When William died it was Hector (with Lady Constance blessing) who went against Melathor and organized the brothers to be sent away, Alexi to the learning school and Quinn to Hectors own castle to continue his squireship. Hector is an honorable man, who cannot forget a slight against his honour. Hector is over 6"0 tall but as he ages so does his waistband increase. He is still a competent warrior and his frame has strength. He drinks more than he used to and would love to step down in favor of his son to inherit, but with the uncertain times knows that is not possible. He feels it is his duty to watch over the brothers and he knows William would have done the same for his family. Though Hector acts gruff, the death of his wife years ago saddened him deeply and he loves his son more than life itself. He would do anything to protect his child.


Sir Hector de Brassi, Duke of Ran

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