Sir Edwin Garath of the Vale

Knight of the Sword... Quinn's rival.


Rank: Knight of the Sword

Edwin was a squire who Quinn met 2 years ago in a tournament. Edwin (who is quite a good jouster) had won the favor of a young maiden and who boasted to all the squires that with her favour as a shield he could not lose. Quinn met Edwin in the semi-finals and unhorsed him in spectacular fashion. The scarf Edwin was wearing was left on the field, Quinn returned it to the maiden, but she gave it back to him as a token. Quinn wore it for the rest of the tournament and was wearing it when he won.

At the banquet after the tournament Quinn was presented by the maiden his prize and spent most of the night with her. Quinn’s friend Brian de Brassi cheekily made sure Edwin knew what had happened and who now entertained his chosen maiden.

Edwin is now a Knight of the Sword and resides in Hargoth. GM: He was made a knight of the crown shortly after the tournament, and due to his families political connections was made a knight of the sword about 6 months ago. He hates Quinn for what has happened and would love to “put him in his place”


Since the battle of Hargoth, Edwin and Quinn have come to a sort of understanding. Quinn wants to become a knight and doesn’t want Edwin speaking against him at his knighting, Edwin doesn’t want Quinn speaking out about Edwin running from battle.

It is a very uneasy alliance…

Sir Edwin Garath of the Vale

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