Redegar Bloodaxe

Barbarian of the Shadow Panther Clan


Redegar (now 21) is the eldest son of the great Thane Duragarl the Mighty, leader of the strongest Barbarian tribe (The Shadow Panther Clan) in the Vingaard Mountains. He is 6’4" and 230lbs of pure muscle and strength, with a superior agility for someone of his size.

As the son of the Thane, Redegar has throughout his life been competing for the right to succeed his father as leader of the tribe. This is a sacred competition however, and neither he nor his brothers feel any ill will towards each other.

As tradition dictates, each son of the Thane is to travel the world and grow strong on their own, away from their people, and each son has chosen their own path: Brakar, the second eldest (now 20), channels the spirits of the world to become an unkillable defender of his people. Gormog, the third son (now 18), follows the spirits and lets them flow through him to lead his people in spirit. Karg, the youngest (now 17), uses a bow and arrow to ensure his people will always have food. Redegar walks the path of the wrathful destroyer, to further the greatness of his people in combat. When their father dies, all sons who feel ready will return to the tribe and fight each other and any challengers for the right to rule. Those who do not return have until the day they become the same age as the oldest son was when the Thane died to do so. If they have not challenged for the right on that day, their right to challenge is forfeit.

Redegar believes in defeating his enemies in any way possible, and has therefore spent much time within the city of Palanthas itself to learn the skills of the people there. Despite his great size, he has become very athletic and agile, with an ability to intimidate city dwellers very easily.

Unfortunately both parents were killed by a group of giants, before any of their children could challenge for the ruling seat. Therefore, by blood, their Uncle Jorlof became Thane, to rule in their place, until the children came of age and invoke their right to challenge.

Redegar was returning from his travels, ready to accept his right of challenge, when he noticed the advancement of a large army towards his village. Evoking all his energies into a mighty run to warn them, he was unable to reach the village before it was in smoke and ruin, and upon closer inspection there appeared to be no survivors.

Redegar Bloodaxe

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