Flint Fireforge

Hill Dwarf


Flint was just over half the heighth of an elf in size, with a barrel-shaped chest, forge-hardened arms twice the size of any elf’s arms, a thick black beard, and steel-blue eyes. Flint was known to be queasy about heights, scared to death of boats and water, habit of talking to himself, and allergic to horses.

Flint shaped toys out of wood for children, which he would then gave away without charging a cent. His metal working skills were some of the best in Abanasinia, and many people now prize his works. Flint fought with his trusty Battle-Axe and was also able to pick some easy locks. He could speak Common, Dwarven, and some Elvish. One item of note that Flint had was the Helm of Griffon’s Mane.


Flint Fireforge

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