Alexi Goldenscale

Younger Brother of Quinn, White Robe Mage of the 4th Order, Chosen of the Eye, Advisor to the Grand Master of the Solmanic Knights


Alexi’s earliest memories were of dancing lights. If he was on his best behavior and mother was in a good mood she would use her magic to send lights dancing around his room. Alexi knew as a child that magic was his destiny, and while his brother preferred to play fight with swords, Alexi spent nearly all of his free time in the castle library reading books on history and magic.

The day he performed his first cantrip (prestidigitation) was the happiest day of his life. His mother had been so thrilled and although father would have preferred Alexi would follow in Quinn’s footsteps to become a knight, he was happy for his son and immediately enrolled him in the closest magic school.

Alexi studied hard at magic school and he was soon the prized pupil of the facility. He poured himself into study and magic eventually even causing his teachers concern that he needed to slow down. While he may have excelled in studying he unfortunately never made any friends among the students and would be ridiculed by the others for his habits.

Finally graduating from the school he had intended to return home to study with his mother until she thought he was ready to take the test. He unfortunately never got to see his mother again when tragedy stuck and he received news that she had died at the castle. He now travels with his brother to help him to complete his father’s quest to uphold the family name and fight for the side of light within this land now covered in darkness.

Alexi Goldenscale

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